Day 26: Fit Runner: Hip and Glute Strength

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 7.50.47 PM

Do you have weak hips and glutes? You can lie to us…but you cannot lie to yourself!

When thinking of core, we often focus on just strengthening the abs. Strong abs help to stabilize your pelvis, but the true core of a runner lies in adding strength in our hips and glutes.

Strong hips and glutes are the powerhouse of a runner and prevent many injuries below the hips down to the knees, iliotibial bands, Achilles tendons, shins and the feet. If you’ve ever injured a glute or hip muscle, or have pain in your lower extremities you’ve probably been told you have weak hips and glutes…and you realize the important role they play. If you’ve never been to a Doctor looking for answers  but suffer from lower leg issues, strengthening these areas can save you time, money and a whole lot of physical therapy!

Today is Day 26 on our calendar, but in the spirit of switching things up this week…we’re ditching the calendar and following along with some of our favorite videos. Donkey Kick Workout…a killer one…is on the way!

Day 26 Plan:

  • Quick Morning Workout and Quick Before Bed Workout
  • Donkey Kick Workout – See video below
  • Bonus: Modern Mom/Dad Hips – Do you have the heart to do both these hip/glute workouts? I know you do! 🙂
  • Speed WorkClick here for Monday’s daily post and scroll down for this week’s pyramid speed workout.

Quick Morning Workout and Quick Before Bed Workout:

Donkey Kick Workout: This is a tough workout but it’s quick and super effective. Stick with it till the end!

Bonus: Modern Mom/Dad Hips – We all know this one…most of us love it, some might hate it…but we all know how good it is for our hips and glutes! I know you’ll be tired after the Donkey Kick workout but you CAN do this!

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