Day 30: Final Day Switch Up!

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 6.25.07 PM

One more day Crew! This has been a hard month all around with back to school, back to reality and a tough workout month.

So to end the month on a high note, we’re switching it up again and going back to an old core favorite of mine. Hope you love it!

1 round or 2…totally up to you and how bad you want those strong abs!

Day 30 Plan:

  1. Weigh in Wednesday – Just a check in you don’t have to post!
  2. Morning Workout Routine (#MWR) and/or Coffee Break Workout (#CBW)
  3. Day 30 Workout of the Day – See below for our “Switch it up” Workout
  4. Speed Work – This should be happening today or tomorrow at the latest if you go long on Saturday or Sunday!

Day 30 Workout of the day: Y’all remember this one right? It’s been a while but it’s a good workout. You can do this!

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 5.54.39 PM

Speed Work: Click here for Monday’s post and scroll down for this weeks speed work! If you did this one last week, I want to see consistent splits this week! If you’re trying it for the first time, remember that this workout is not meant to be at top speed. You want to pace yourself and FINISH the workout! Keep each 1/2 mile repeat at your consistent 5K pace then take a 2 minute rest in between each set. AND the better the warm up…the better you will feel during your speed work. AND don’t speed your cool down!

We’re wrapping up the month so time to step it up and FINISH STRONG CREW!!!

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