Day 24: Contest!!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 4.23.35 AM

Lisa Marie CoreCrew Tank

Hey Crew, it’s time for a contest! I received an extra pink #CoreCrew tank just like the  one our lovely Lisa Marie is modeling here for us (size medium with no name on back) and I wanted to give it away so here’s the deal.

Everyone who finishes today’s workout and posts a picture of their wall sit AND a bonus plank will be entered to win the pink #CoreCrew tank. Easy peasy. Day 24 exercises + wall sit and plank. Who’s in? I will choose a random winner using a app made just for contests so anyone who completes today’s exercises and posts has a chance to win.

Since there are so many of us and sometimes I miss posts, PLEASE tag me in your post so I don’t miss it.

I’ve gotten a few stories and they are AWESOME!! Keep them coming…they will ALL be used! 🙂

Another thought…Jennifer Stoner, where is our “We’re in this together” tank? We need to keep that moving so we can get it around the work to all our Crew members!

Let’s get to work! 🙂

Day 24 exercises: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Morning Workout Routine (#MWR) and/or Coffee Break Workout (#CBW)
  • Metabolic Up and Downs
  • Backward Heel Walking
  • Pistol Squats
  • Ankle Jumps
  • Wall sit – 3x :30 or more

Bonus: :60 Plank – take a picture of your plank and one wall sit and share in Strong to the Core for your chance to win a pink #CoreCrew tank!

Day 24 “how to” videos: Click here and scroll down if you need how to videos for these exercises.

The end of the month is getting close. Keep pushing Crew! I am working on September and we are going back to basics but don’t give up on August just yet!