Day 26: That Last Squat Rep….

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Good morning and happy Monday Crew! Up early and ready to attack the day! I have a lot of work to do to catch up to all the awesomeness from this past weekend. I didn’t get a chance to run, but we did lots of walking and TONS of floating. I don’t think floating counts tho… so today I will squat!

I will also be working on our July Challenge so please keep the ideas and new exercises coming.

Monday is all about getting our minds in the game and setting the tone for the week. And today’s full body workout does not disappoint. Of course we have your favorite 5 minute rolling plank, that awesome burning bridge exercise and SQUAT BURPEE HOLDS!

This exercise is going to fire up your thighs and glutes AND give us some great cardio to start the week. NO JUMPING UP in this so NO EXCUSES Crew. Let’s get it on!

Day 26 exercises: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Squat Burpee Hold
  • Burning Bridge
  • Jumping Rope – (50 x 2)
  • 5 minute Rolling Plank

Bonus: #CardioStregnth

Adding an additional circuit workout for today that includes a little more cardio and a little more strength. I need it…and I hope you will join me. 1 round, 2 rounds, or 3 rounds. Do whatever you have time for.

Extra Credit: #FavoriteBurpee – Only 1 set of 7 burpees in this extra workout and since you have lots of new burpees in your workout arsenal, pick your favorite from this month and tell us which one you liked best!

Your choices with links to the “daily post” where you can see the how to video again: Sprinter Burpee, Combat Burpee, Frog Burpee, Squat Hold Burpee (today).

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 5.26.19 AM.png

Speed Work: This week we are pushing ourselves but keeping the math simple. The workout is 1/4 mile repeats, or 400 meters. How many should you do? That depends on where you’re at in your training. Start with 4 (1 mile of speed + 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down = 3 miles total) and work your way up. If you regularly run more than 3 miles then do more 1/4 mile (400M) repeats to get in a good workout. I love seeing you push yourself but be smart about it!

  • 5K Training = 400M x 4 or 4 (3-4 miles total – 1 mile fast)
  • 10K Training = 400M x 8 (4 miles total – 2 miles fast)
  • Half Marathon Training = 400M x 12 (5 miles total – 3 miles fast)
  • Marathon Training = 400M x 16 (6 miles total – 4 miles fast)

The speed you should shoot for always depends on your on abilities and level of training. These 400M repeats should be done a little faster than 5K pace. That means you should run the  quarter mile a little faster than the pace you would run for a 5K. It is hard, but remember you have a recovery built in. Take :60 – :90 to rest (stand still and breathe) in between each 1/4 mile sprint.

If you run a 5K in 30 minutes your pace is about 8:42 per mile. So you should run each 1/4 mile faster than a 8:42 pace. Cut that number into quarters to find out what the time should be for that distance. A 8:42 pace should translate into around 2:10 for 1/4 mile speed work.

The paces below are a little faster than I’ve pushed you in the past…but remember these are short sprints and you get a rest in of :60 – :90 between. The key here is not to start out too fast. Ease into your speed work…you don’t want to burn out before you complete all the intervals. I would rather see you start on the slower side and get a little faster with each interval repeat.

400 meters (1/4 mile) is considered a “short interval” so the pace is faster than 5K pace and the time listed is the top of the time limit you should be hitting. ****If you can’t reach these paces at first, don’t get discouraged. These are paces to shoot for. If you ran a 30 min 5k 6 months or so ago in cool weather, you may have lost some speed and be slower in the heat. Just do your best and keep working towards your goal!

Here are some pace guidelines along with a time that you should aim to beat for each interval:

  • 21 min 5K ≈ 6:05 pace (under 1 min :30)
  • 22 min 5K ≈ 6:23 pace (under 1 min :35)
  • 23 min 5K ≈ 6:40 pace (under 1 min :40)
  • 24 min 5K ≈ 6:58 pace (under 1 min :44)
  • 25 min 5K ≈ 7:15 pace (under 1 min :48)
  • 26 min 5K ≈ 7:32 pace (under 1 min :52)
  • 27 min 5K ≈ 7:50 pace (under 1 min :56)
  • 28 min 5K ≈ 8:07 pace (under 2 min)
  • 29 min 5K ≈ 8:25 pace (under 2 min :05)
  • 30 min 5K ≈ 8:42 pace (under 2 min :10)
  • 31 min 5K ≈ 9:00 pace (under 2 min :14)
  • 32 min 5K ≈ 9:17 pace (under 2 min :18)
  • 33 min 5K ≈ 9:34 pace (under 2 min :22)
  • 34 min 5K ≈ 9:52 pace (under 2 min :27)
  • 35 min 5K ≈ 10:09 pace (under 2 min :31)
  • 36 min 5K ≈ 10:27 pace (under 2 min :35)
  • 37 min 5K ≈ 10:44 pace (under 2 min :39)
  • 38 min 5K ≈ 11:01 pace (under 2 min :44)
  • 39 min 5K ≈ 11:19 pace (under 2 min :49)
  • 40 min 5K ≈ 11:36 pace (under 2 min :55)

If you are new to speed work or just need a little more guidance to find pace for this workout, please reach out to me by PM and I will help you find your sweet spot for this workout.

Day 26 “how to” videos:

Squat Hold Burpee: Basically, you are going to do the burpee without the jump and hold the squat position for a couple second count. Don’t rush through the squat. You want to feel the burn in those glutes and quads!

Burning Bridge: I think everyone has come to like this full body exercise, Glutes, core, chest, triceps….squeeze, tighten and feel the burn!

5 Minute Rolling Plank: This seems to be the new “burpee” in that whenever Monday rolls around, I hear more grumbling about this plank than the daily burpees.

Make it work for you. This image is just a guideline….today I want you to make up your own 5 minute rolling plank. You know how to plank, and you know lots of plank variations. So pick the ones that work best for your body and roll into a new position every :30.


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