Day 27: The Swiss Army Knife of Exercise

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 4.37.43 AM

Squats are an absolutely incredible exercise! They build full body strength as you use your core to stabilize and keep everything aligned. The glutes and hamstrings are very large muscles so buy utilizing them you tend to burn a lot of fat. Squats invigorate your nervous system and help your stress response since the squat is a naturally defensive position. They can even help your digestion and the regularity of your bowel movements. Squats are essentially the swiss army knife of exercise.

Don’t wear much make up…but I sure know how to squat! We’re doubling down on squats with yesterday’s frog burpees and today’s frog jumps! Oh…and there’s an extra credit challenge for squats throughout the day. Make sure you get low….but don’t go below parallel. Watch your form and work those glutes Crew!

Day 27 exercises: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Squat Frog Jumps
  • Calf Raises – 2-3 sets of 10 per side
  • Clams – 2-3 sets of 10 per side – use a resistance band if you have one 
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • Pigeon Pose – My favorite stretch! After you complete today’s extra credit, you’ll want to take a few minutes before bedtime to stretch out those hips and glutes! Get down into position while your watching TV or scrolling through FB and hold that position for at lest :30 per leg.


Bonus: The Runner’s Must-Do Workout – Follow the exercises below for a great Runner’s bonus workout! It says one set all the way through, but I know you can do two!

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 4.48.17 AM

Extra Credit: #SquatsAllDay – 20 squats per hour throughout the day before you go to bed. We have a set time we workout and are committed during that hour, but I would love to see you being more active throughout the rest of the day as well. Some of you might have that Garmin notification thing that tells you to move an hour or so after a tough workout. You probably roll your eyes and think, “no way I’m done for today” but that little notification is there to get you moving more all day instead of just through your daily workout session. If you see this post by 8am and commit to 20 squats per hour until you go to bed at 9pm, you will have 12 hours for extra movement. If you do 20 squats per hour you will have done 240 squats throughout the day! Who’s up for the 20 squats per hour challenge with me today? Every time you see a new hour roll over on the clock, get up and drop it to parallel for 20!

Speed Work: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the ideal days for speed work. You’ve had enough time to rest and recover from your long run, and you have enough time to rest and recover before your next long run coming up this weekend.

Click here for Monday’s post and scroll down for this week’s speed workout.

July Challenge: I’ve gotten very little feedback on our June Challenge and only a few exercise requests for July….that must mean you are good with whatever I choose for the month! 🙂 Still time to get your ideas in!

Day 27 “how to” videos:

Squat Frog Jumps:  Muscles worked – Glutes, hamstrings, thighs, inner thighs, quads, abs, back

Calf Raises: Strengthen, lengthen and create more flexible calfs with calf raises.

Clams: Lying on your side hips at roughly 45 degrees bend and knees at 90 degrees. Slowly lift your top knee up but make sure you keep feet together and keep your back straight. Slowly lower then repeat. You should feel the hip ( gluteal muscles) working at the side of your hip.

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