Day 23: Lock and Load…It’s Crunch Time!

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.42.44 AMI’ve written about this topic numerous times….so you tell me…why do runners need a strong core? How will strengthening this area help you during a race or long run?

Does “Tiny Tuesday” and crunch day give you added incentive to make this a good day all around? Remember, Tiny Tuesday means watching your portion sizes and even though we’re past the 21 days of our “No Junk Food Challenge” it’s a great idea to incorporate this into your routine today too.

Core work, small portion sizes, and no junk food make for a REALLY good day! Can you commit to a healthy Tuesday?

Day 23 exercises:

  • 100 Crunches
  • 60 Side Lying Leg Raises (per leg)
  • 50 Reverse Crunches
  • :60 Plank

One last thing…only one week left of our May Challenge. Likes? Dislikes? Ideas and suggestions for June? Help me make June awesome!

To make sure you are doing the correct exercises today, please check the videos below.


Side Lying Leg Raises:

Reverse Crunch:


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