Day 6: Fly like Superman!

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Throwing mom under the bus here, but she loves me so I’m sure I will be forgiven….
My mom calls me last night and says, “So all we’re supposed to do today is eat some extra fruit right?”
Me: “No mom, we’re doing a 21 day Food Rehab Restart which basically means no junk, no white bread, no cookies, no candy, no fast food, no chips, no soda, no ice cream, no cakes or donuts, no juice and no fried foods AND Friday is Fruity Friday so we’re eating extra fruit today.”
Mom: “Oh”
Crew….y’all are doing AWESOME! I don’t want anyone to think I am coming down on you because seriously, y’all are ROCKING this month! My posts have been kinda long this week cause well…there’s lots to say, so I don’t want to bog y’all down with even more words talking about the 21 Day No Junk Challenge. But don’t forget that is a huge part of this month!
We all have moments of weakness but I hope you are keeping an eye on the prize and remembering why we are doing this. Summer Beach Body, getting to our goal running weight, FEELING GOOD! It’s not all about dropping weight and having a perfect summer body. I want you to LOVE your body and that includes nursing it with healthy foods. This is all about learning how to eat to feel good and fueling our bodies to be the best we can be on and off the road.
Saturday and Sunday are “Treat Yourself ONE time on the weekend” This does not mean treat yourself ALL weekend. This can be one meal, one awesome treat, ONE TIME! LOL
Think about how you are fueling yourself this weekend and don’t waste all your hard work by being glutinous and devouring junk! 🙂
Think about flying like Superman….I bet even he’d have a hard time flying if his gut was bogged down by crappy kryptonite. 😉
Done with the lecture and on to the weekend!
Day 6 exercises:
  • 50 Superman
  • 200 Jump Rope
  • :60 Wall Sit
3 exercises + Long Run & 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Good luck to all those racing and going long this weekend! Be #CoreCrewStrong and go out and rock it!

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