Day 23: Earn Your Cookies


2 more days till Christmas and for lots of us…only 1 more day till tons of yummy food comes our way on Christmas Eve! Ready to Earn Your Cookies?

Put in the work today and burn some serious calories at your long run tomorrow, then you can enjoy your feast and the time with your family without guilt!

Great workout coming today Crew, let’s get to it!

Day 23 exercises:

  • Modern Moms Hip Strength
  • Bonus: Snowman Workout – 10 Rounds
  • Extra Credit: Sarah’s 12 Days of Christmas – Days 1-12 (Last Day!!)
  • One :60 Plank of your choice

Modern Moms Hip Strength: By now this should be burned into your brain…almost so you can do it without following along with the video. But for our newbies…and for those who’ve skipped it a few times, here’s our Friday hip strength workout.

Bonus: Snowman Workout – 10 Rounds 

Push ups, Sit ups and Squats…great calorie burn/strength workout…and 10 rounds might seem like a lot but this should be quick…if not painless. Rock it out!


screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-5-10-48-amExtra Credit: Sarah’s 12 Days of Christmas – Days 1-12

Last day for our 12 Days of Christmas. Who will be glad this is over?

  1. 1 minute skaters
  2. 20 Squats
  3. 15 Push Ups
  4. 10 Superman
  5. 1 minute Jumping Jacks
  6. 20 Lunges
  7. 15 Tricep Dips
  8. 10 Mountain Climbers
  9. 10 Burpees
  10. 20 Side Lunges
  11. 15 Pike Push Ups
  12. 10 Plank Shoulder Taps

Finish off your day with one :60 plank of your choice then take 10 minutes
to stretch before our long runs tomorrow. The benefits of our 7 Key stretches for Runners are improved performance, better range of motion, joint stabilization and injuries avoidance. I know you’re busy doing all those last minute things to get ready for the holidays but your body is craving these stretches so make the time to do them!

Want to work extra hard on Monday to erase the holiday gluttony and guilt? I don’t! Think before you eat and make good choices this weekend starting now! This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, just think MODERATION and be AWARE of what is going in your belly!

Eat slowly, take small portions, and drinks lots of water to go with your wine!

No excuses Crew…let’s get to work and EARN YOUR COOKIES!



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