Day 13: T. G. I. M.


After a fun, race filled, long run accomplished, fabulous weekend full of friends and good times…it’s finally time to get back to our passion and kick some Monday booty!

This girl has jury duty! I hope it’s interesting….but it will probably more like sitting around waiting to be sent home. But hey…I’m cool with doing my civil duty. Since I work from home, this getting up and taking a shower to look presentable on a Monday thing is throwing me off big time!

So I’ll keep is short and sweet and just say GET TO IT! 🙂

Day 13 exercises: Iron Strength Core Workout + Low Side Plank with Crunch (:45 each side)

Bonus: #FlatBellyWorkout Flat Belly Workout

Throw in one round of this #FlatBellyWorkout for a little extra Monday belly burn!

Thigh Challenge: Day 13

  • 22 Fire Hydrants
  • 55 Scissor Kicks
  • 40 Inner Thigh Leg Lifts

Gotta get moving so speed work and running drills will come tomorrow.

I know you wanted that extra hour of sleep this morning but….

workout instead of sleeping in

So get up…get moving…and start your Monday right Core Crew! Make it a great day! 🙂