Day 10: 100% Hard Core

Hard Core boxerThe only time you fail…is when you refuse to get back up.

We all fall down…or fall off…the exercise wagon. We get complacent or just too darn busy. But life is like a boxing match…you’re not defeated when you fall…only when refuse to stand again.

Stand up…stand strong…refuse to let life keep you down. Hard Core means getting hit and standing back up to take it again. We have to take life at it comes…but we don’t have to cower and be a sissy…when you get hit hard in the core…your core will be strong enough to take it…and to bounce back like a boxer.

Day 10 exercises: ****Click here for “how to” videos****

3 sets of 10 + Plank

  • Standing Core Stabilization
  • Overhead Dumbbell Side Bend
  • Triangle Press
  • Medicine Ball Side Throw
  • Kettle Ball Windmill
  • Reverse Plank – :45

Bonus: #HardCore Hard Core Exercises

All of these exercises are pretty self explanatory… except maybe the Body Saw. Check out the video below then grab some furniture movers…or a small towel and saw your way to a stronger core!

Oh…and I am not a fan of lunges… If you’re like me and are worried about too much pressure on your knees, do the push up and skip the lunge in the final exercise.

Thigh Challenge: Rest Day! 🙂 Take a break from the thigh/booty work today…but we’ll be back at it strong tomorrow!

Running Drills and Speed Work: No speed work this week? No worries….there’s always next week. Think ahead and plan when you will get your speed work in. If you plan ahead it won’t seem as scary…and once you do it, you’ll see that it’s not as hard as you think. If you already got your long run in during the week…speed work on the weekend is never a bad thing! I will be doing speed work at my 5K on Saturday…running fast for Run for the Pies!

You CAN still do your running drills. In fact, you can do them every single day. Who has tried the slow skipping this week? Doesn’t is kinda make you feel like a kid again? It’s fun, promotes calf and foot strength…and stimulates muscular timing for running with a higher cadence.

That’s all for today Crew. Remember that life is going to throw punches…but you are 100% HARD CORE and you will not be defeated! Get back up, brush it off, and take a swing of your own.

Make it a great Friday Core Crew! 🙂

100 hard core