Day 24: Back to Legs & Booty!

booty dayHey Core Crew! How is everyone feeling today? I bet we’ve got some sore arms and abs after the killer workouts I’ve seen this week!

Loved seeing all the speed work yesterday! Y’all really rocked it out and left everything on the pavement…or treadmill. 🙂

Ready to get back to the most important strength exercises for runners? You guessed it…it’s leg and booty day!

Day 24: 4 sets of 15

  • Squats
  • Donkey Kick + Fire Hydrant
  • Single Leg Deadlifts
  • Calf Raises (10X per each leg)
  • Plank – 1 min (3X)
  • Side Planks – 1 min (1X each side)
  • Calf Stretches
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Quad Stretch

You probably know how to do these properly but if you need a reminder here are the how to videos and of course if you’re running…PLEASE take time to go through the 7 Key Stretches for Runners!

stairs workoutBonus: #GotStairs? 

If you don’t have stairs this will be a tough bonus but a great workout if you can find some.

Glute Bridges are similar to the bridge we do on Ab Day except instead of holding the bridge up for a certain amount of time go up and down 20 times slowly. Tighten those glutes and feel the burn!

*Side Note – I’m not a fan of lunges for runners so if you skip them…I’m cool with that!

Running Drills and Speed Work: I’ve seen lots of running  this week on our way through the Appalachians…and some great speed work yesterday!  I have a feeling there’s more killer speed sessions coming today. Click here to find out this week’s track workout and the running drills to add in before you run…and after your warm up. These drills will loosen you up and get you ready for that speed work!

I’m not racing this weekend but I know a bunch of you are! Melissa is running her 2nd full at the Tamoka Marathon…Chris, Catherine, and Lisa are running the Tamoka Half Marathon…who else is racing? Let me know so I can be thinking about you this weekend!

Only a few days left in our March Challenge. Do you have a friend or family member you think will benefit from our group next month? Refer a friend and get April free..or if you paid for the month already…get your $$ back! New members are $10 for the month, $30 for the quarter, or $100 for the year. Core members will always be $5/month. Referrals are awesome so if you know someone who need the accountability and support…tell them about Strong to the Core! I’ll be sending out reminder to those who are due for April. If you’re ready to pay for April now…click here.

Legs/Booty, stairs, speed work, running drills…lots to do and so little time… Let’s get to it and make it a great Thursday Core Crew! 🙂

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