Day 9: Core Compliments

Strong CoreA strong core will compliment everything you do. It will improve your technique, give you added strength and stamina…push you over those hills and carry you across the finish line. Bottom line..runners need a strong core!

The Runner’s World’ article, “The Core of the Matter: Strengthen your core muscles, and you’ll run smoother and faster, with fewer injuries. Bonus: A set of seriously taut abs” stresses the importance of core work for runners.

Exercise Physiologist for the Nike Farm Team, Jack Daniels, Ph.D. explains,

“The stronger your core, the more solid you are as you hit the ground. That reduces your need for unnecessary stabilization, and allows you to be a more economical runner.”

Yes…we do planks everyday and that’s awesome…but we still need to do more. Today’s ab exercises will give you more stability and help ensure you maintain proper running form during challenges such as hills, sprints or the final leg of long distance runs, supporting tired muscles even when you are fatigued.

Day 8 exercises:

  • Plank – :45
  • Russian Twists – 40X (each side)
  • Burpees – 15X
  • Bridge – :45 (2X)
  • Calf Raises – 10X (each leg)
  • Plank – :45
  • Side Planks – :45 (each side)
  • Calf Stretches
  • One Arm Camel (stretch for :30 using each arm)
  • Spinal Stretch on Stability Ball

Need how to videos? Click here for the exercises…and scroll down for the stretches.

standing abs

all cardio challenge


Bonus workouts: Want to give your ab workout an extra boost today? How about some good old Standing Abs! Three rounds would be amazing! Tag your post #StandingAbs. Or stick with this weeks #AllCardioChallenge and keep the cardio streak alive.

Choices are awesome right? 🙂


Running Drills: If you’ve haven’t fit them in yet…what are you waiting for? Butt kicks and Bounding are on the schedule this week. Check out Monday’s post for why these are a great addition to your workout and abs made in the kitchenhow to do them correctly.

Final Thought….we can do all the ab work we want but if we don’t eat well..all that work is for nothing. For those who fell off the wagon with the No Sugar Challenge (me included) recommit to no sugar or junk today. make the commitment to eat healthy, balanced foods…in moderation…and make it a great Wednesday!

one arm camel

One Arm Camel 


spinal stretch on stability ball

Spinal Stretch on Stability Ball