Day 30: Finish What You Started

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 7.10.19 PMFinal Day!!! Our challenges are 30 days so even though it’s not the last day of August…it’s still the last day of our August Challenge.

Tomorrow you can rest, run, cross train, stretch… whatever you feel is best for you to get ready for September!

But today…we work hard!

Even if you didn’t do as much you wanted to this month, if you’re disappointed in yourself for slacking off, missing days, or eating bad… real commitment shines through when you finish what you started even when you don’t feel like it!

Will you make excuses and and give yourself a pass or make today count and move your ass! Get up and DO SOMETHING!!

Day 30 exercises:

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Frogger (30 2X)
  • Butt Kicks (50 2X)
  • High Knees (50 2X)
  • Side Lying Leg Lifts (50 2X each)
  • Plank Challenge – Day 30: Crouching Tiger Push Ups (:45 3X)

Crouching Tiger Push Ups – This plank variation works our core, arms, back, and quads. This videos shows how to do it but I want you to slow it down a bit and really engage each muscles as you work through the moves.

Ab & Squat Challenge – Day 30: Last day…bust it out!

  • 40 Sit Ups
  • 100 Crunches
  • 100 Squats

Speed Work: Keep it fun and throw in some Fartleks this week. Not sure what a fartlek is? Click here for yesterday’s post and scroll down to our speed work to see what it’s all about.

This video gave me chills this morning….I hope you will take a few minutes to watch it! Remember…you are powerful. You will succeed. Push yourself every minute of every day!

“You are a champion. Push yourself to the level of a Champion. I know you’ve got more. PUSH HARDER. Give me more!”


Day 16: No Gym Required

this is my gymYou joined the Core Crew because you realize that to perform at your full potential, you need to do more than just run. You need to target areas that you may not normally pay attention to, like flexibility, balance, and mobility, and strength.

Not only will strength training help you improve your running performance, studies have shown that add a strength routine can also improve body composition by helping you decrease your percentage of body fat, helping you look leaner and burn additional calories.

Multiple studies show that regular strength training can improve running economy (how efficiently the body uses oxygen) by as much as eight percent, which translates into more speed and better muscle endurance. Of course it makes sense for runners to focus on their most important body part—their legs!

So if you’ve been skipping leg day because you feel like your legs get enough of a workout…think again…our leg days are just as important! The best news? No weights and gym required! 🙂

Day 16 exercises:

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Frogger – 30 2X
  • Butt Kicks – 50 2X
  • High Knees – 50 2x
  • Side Lying Leg Lifts – 30 2x each leg
  • Single Leg Directional Hops – 2 sets of 10x each leg
  • Plank Challenge Day 16 – Wide Grip Push Ups (12 reps 3x)

Plank Challenge Day 16 – Wide Grip Push Up

  1. Walk your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, feet hip-width.
  2. Maintaining a strong core, bend your elbows to create a 90-degree angle biceps to forearms.
  3. Press back to your start position.

wide grip push up

Bonus: Ab & Squat Challenge – Day 16 

  • 25 Sit Ups
  • 30 Crunches
  • 45 Squats

Extra Credit: Go Run! – Running is still a great workout for your legs and Tuesday is a great day for speed work! If you are doing speed work today….do your leg strengthening afterwards starting with your running drills while your still tired from that run.

Speed Work: Missed our speed work in yesterday post? Click here to see how much fun you’ll have today! 😉

That’s all she wrote for Tuesday! No wait…after all that leg work…take a few minutes to stretch it out…then relax! 🙂

Day 9: Love Your Legs

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.26.03 PMYou love to run and when your sport involves the outdoors, fresh air, and cruisin’ down the road, you don’t want to be stuck inside doing our strength exercises.

I get it!

But we want to run for the rest of our life so incorporating strength training is important. Running alone can create muscle imbalances or accentuate ones you already have. Weak calves, for example, can put too much stress on the Achilles and break down the fibers that make up the tendon. Instable hip and core muscles hurt your biomechanics and overload your shins, which can lead to shin splints and stress fractures.

Strength exercises will keep your legs and hips strong and stable….and will keep you pain free and on the road. Take the time to love you legs!

Day 9 exercises:

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Frogger (20 2X)
  • Butt Kicks (50 2X)
  • High Knees (50 2X)
  • Side Lying Leg Lifts (20 2X each leg)
  • Single Leg Directional Hops (:30 2X each leg)
  • Plank Challenge Day 9 – Tricep Push Up (:45 3X)

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 8.55.10 PMFrogger: The frogger is an ideal exercise for when you’re short on time or traveling because you only use gravity for resistance.

To do it: Lie faceup with legs extended straight over hips, feet flexed, heels together, and toes turned out. Slowly bend knees out to the sides, and then straighten, using your inner-thigh muscles to control the movement.

Tricep Push Up: This is a basic tricep push up but I found one that I like a little better. You choose which one is best for you. Here’s the steps for the basic tricep push up.

  1. Starting in a high plank, rotate the crease of your elbows forward; shift your shoulders over your wrists slightly.
  2. With your elbows hugging your rib cage, slowly lower your body until your shoulders are even with your elbows.
  3. Hold for two seconds, then return to your start position.

Tricep Push Variation Option: This option is more like a regular plank and I think is a great way to work the triceps. Try it and let us know which one you felt more in your triceps.

Bonus: Ab & Squat Challenge Day 9 – Rest Day! 

#LoveYourLegs Love Your Legs

This looks fun! Some of these exercises you should already know…and others may be new. If there’s one you’re not familiar that I don’t include a photo for, tag me with the exercise you need info for. There’s some new exercises here so check out some how to stuff below. In total this bonus workout should take 7-10 minutes.

Runner’s Lunge: This is a new one for me but it looks great. Watch this videos to see how it’s done.

Speed Work: Have you made a plan for your speed work yet? Plan ahead to succeed! Click here for this week’s speed work.

Have I missed anything? Hope not! Lots to do but it won’t take long. Remember to take a few minutes to stretch out after your done. Our 7 Key Stretches for Runners are perfect! Take those few extra minutes to love your legs!

sexy people




Day 2: Officially Crazy!

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 9.58.48 PMAre you one of those people who used to think people who loved running were crazy? I know I am!

My mom has been running for as long as I can remember. She ran the New York Marathon in ’88 or ’89…or maybe both…and I used to think she was seriously nuts!

Long hours on the road training all by herself. No headphones to listen to music. No nutrition advice or food of any kind on the course and certainly no fancy running gear. No GPS to tell her how far she’d gone. No running group to hold her accountable…and this was a long time before social media, where we can meet like minded people who share our passions, and where we can be our crazy running obsessed selves!

What does this mean? We have it easy! We have comfortable shoes, tons of nutrition options, fancy watches that tell us how far we’ve gone, how fast our heart is beating and how many tenths we need to get that daily goal, and headphones that don’t even have cords! We have friends that keep us accountable for those long early morning runs and we can share our craziness with others who get it!

I know I am have turned into one of those crazy people. I love to run!

I love to run solo. I love to run with friends. I love to race. I love to train. I love to talk about running. And since you’re here…you must love it too! 🙂

So what do us crazy people who love to run need more than anything? Strong legs!

Running gives us strong legs…but running by itself isn’t enough. Getting stronger and faster takes strength work and running drills! Yep…to have those sexy runner legs we all want…we have to do more. So let’s get to work!

We’ve done a lot of leg work lately so this month we are dialing it back a bit and focusing on our inner thighs and good form. For those who want to do a little more…the bonus ab & squat challenge is the perfect compliment. It’s enough to make us sore…but not so much where we lose count of how many sit ups, crunches, and squats we’ve done.

Day 2 exercises: Please watch the how to videos for the new exercises!

****Click here for how to videos****

  • Frogger – 2 rounds of 20 For strong inner thighs!
  • Butt Kicks – 2 rounds of 50
  • High Knees – 2 rounds of 50
  • Side-Lying Leg Lifts – 2 rounds of 15
  • Single Leg Directional Hops – 2 rounds of 15 (per leg)
  • 30 Plank Challenge – Forearm Side Plank (see below) – :45 (3X each side)

Day 2 Plank Challenge: Today’s plank is the forearm side plank and this is an old but a goody! If you are new to planks, please watch this how to video and make modifications where you need to. As you see lots of us holding these planks for a while…remember that we’ve been doing them for months…and months…and you will get there. Take your time, learn the proper form, and work your way up to those longer times.

Bonus: Ab & Squat Challenge – Day 2

  • 20 Sit Ups
  • 15 Crunches
  • 30 Squats


Hmmmm…I feel like I’m missing something, but yesterday was a long day of traveling so my mind is a little fried. We are down in Orlando this week for a last summer vacation before school starts, and as usual…Mom and I are up early to run!

Are you running today?

What’s on your schedule? What are you doing to get you closer to your goals? To get you ready for your fall races? Thinking about skipping it today?

Think again Crew…it’s time to run! 🙂

Time to run