August – Day 28: Get Up and Go To Work!

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As an athlete, a runner, a mom, a business owner and a coach, I try to stay humble and strive to get better at all of my “jobs”. I have tons of room for improvement and am constantly reading and learning, open to suggestions and feedback. I teach you…and you teach me. A wonderful mutually beneficial relationship.

Do you feel the same way? Are you humble and open to being coached? If you are faster or more experienced than someone else, does that mean you can’t learn from them? Or do you understand that no matter your fitness or experience level, you can still learn and grow from others experiences knowledge?

I hope you stay humble and open to being coached. If you’re not humble, it’s hard to be coached. If you can’t be coached, it’s hard to get better…

Stay humble and coachable Crew!

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You had big plans for Monday. You were going to finish that project you’ve been working on, you were going to eat well, get in a great workout, and make some positive moves towards your goals.

Then life happened. You overslept or forgot something important and your day got all screwed up. You didn’t make the progress you’d hoped for and when you looked up at the clock in the afternoon, you were shocked at how much time had gone by and how little you’d accomplished.

All is not lost! Remember Tuesday is the most productive day of the week and it’s your second chance at a great start!

Here are 7 things we can do to get our groove back, salvage a productive week and make this a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

1. Get up early – In a perfect world, we’d be remembering all the “mornings are great” posts over the last few days and would already be on the right track with an early Monday wake up, but like me, you might’ve still been recuperating from a long weekend of activity and needed the extra sleep. Here is our chance to redeem ourself! Set the tone by getting up and enjoying a small slice of time for yourself before diving into the day’s events. Be the first person up in your house; get your workout done and be ready to start your day.

2. Get some exercise – In the long term, our fitness goals depend on getting in our full workout, but when we’re short on time, we take what we can get. Even a brief workout, like our August Quick Core Workout, is proved to increase our endorphins, make us happier and help us be more productive throughout our day.

3. Eat breakfast – Bottom line, Mom was right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Public health experts say that skipping breakfast reduces our ability to concentrate later in the day.

4. Pick up one thing from Monday – The first three items on this list are a must, but when you do get to work, dive in! The smartest thing is to break off a small piece of what you meant to get done on Monday and finish it. Achieving a small, quick victory will create momentum and get you moving towards a great Tuesday!

5. Offer mentorship – I love this one. You may know that I really enjoy helping others. It makes me happy to see you all succeed and when I know some else is benefiting, it always makes my day better. So far, this Tuesday has been all about us. And yes sometimes is has to be…but the best way to accomplish something for ourselves can often result from doing things for others. In our work or personal environment, offering smart advice or mentorship to others is one of the best opportunities we have. I know life is busy, but try to carve out a small amount of time for someone else. It will come back to you ten-fold.

6. Ask for help – Asking for help is a sign of respect, not weakness. We never accomplish anything really great on our own so don’t be scared to reach out to others for help. Chances are help is not far away and can make our day so much easier. When someone helps you, make sure they know you are there when they need you too.

7. Say no to something – It can be hard to say no but we can’t do it all. We need to be able to cut things from our “to do list” that are hurting our productivity and we must be able to say no to new projects and goals when we’re still trying to complete yesterday’s tasks. Be careful how you say it but don’t be afraid to say no. Try saying no without using that two-letter word. Instead say, “I’m sorry I wish I could help but I am swamped trying to get this project done on time.”

What stands out the most to you on this list? What can you put into action today that will help you get through the day and be the most productive?

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Day 28 exercises: 3 sets of 20 (“how to” videos below)

  • Goblet (Low) Squat
  • Donkey Kick + Fire Hydrant
  • Clams
  • Single Leg Bridge
  • Wall Sit – 3 x :60

Bonus: Best Darn Tuesday Workout! Do three rounds of the following exercises without pausing between rounds

  • 25 Jumping Jacks
  • :30 High Knees
  • :30 Butt Kicks
  • 25 Walking Lunges
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Squats with a :02 pause at the bottom

Speed Work: If you missed this week’s speed work, click here and scroll down. We have options this week…which workout is best for you? If you’re not sure…ask! 🙂

Until you get used to it, speed work can cause anxiety…but once you do it, it looses it’s fear factor. It’s tough…but you are tougher. Don’t sit and wait for inspiration. Get up and go to work!

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Day 21 “how to” videos:

Goblet/Low Squats (“butt to the ground”)

Donkey Kick + Fire Hydrant – We’ve done both of these moves many times…now we’re just putting them together to make it one killer move!

Clams – You know this exercise…keep your feet and toes together and if you want a little additional challenge lift your feet off the floor just like in the Clam Video Workout we all love.

Single Leg Bridge – Great exercise for our Core, Back, Glutes, Hips and Legs!

Wall Sit – Three separate times at least :30 each with tight squeeze at the end!

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