June – Day 12: Feel the Burn

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After quite a bit of searching for something specific to our hips and glutes, I almost gave up and was going to give us the Donkey Kick Workout to do tomorrow but then I found this great butt and thigh workout from Fitness Blender!

We’ve neglected specific glute and hip exercises lately and I really wanted to get back to them so I hope this gives us that same great burn as the Donkey Kick workout. We’ll see!

Ready to feel the burn? Let’s do this!

Day 12 exercises:

  • Fitness Blender – Gutes + Inner and Outer Thigh Workout
  • Wall Sit – :60
  • Plank – :60
  • Bonus – Donkey Kick Workout!

Today’s Fitness Blender workout is going to test our booty strength but I think this Crew is ready for it. If you have some gas left in the tank, keep going for another 10 minutes and REALLY feel the burn with the “love to hate it” Donkey Kick workout below!

Fitness Blender – Glutes + Inner and Outer Thigh Workout:

Wall Sit: Still not sure how to do a proper wall sit? Check out the video below and follow along with Layla as she shows us the perfect wall sit form.

Plank: Another staple move for core strength, the plank! The Plank is really a great full body exercises which tests every muscle in our body but it is crucial to have the correct form. Below is a video showing us exactly how to master the plank even as a beginner.

Donkey Kick Workout: An oldy but a goodie! Can’t wait to see who pushes through and completes both of these tough workouts today!

Speed Work: Fartlek Workout

This workout will go back and forth between a hard effort and an easy effort and will give us a break from the 800 meter repeats we’ve been doing the last 3 weeks.

The workout below is a long fartlek version so if you are not training for a half or full marathon please break this down into a smaller workout using 1 mile intervals instead of 2 mile intervals.

“Hard effort” is 5K-10K pace for this workout! For the shorter time intervals towards the end of each mile repeat push for that 5K effort pace!

If you’re not sure how to do this workout please reach out to me and let’s make sure you know how to get it done. I can explain how to program it into your watch as I don’t want you having to be looking at the time for the whole workout.

If you are doing your speed work on Tuesday, please do this workout after your strength OR do your speed work in the morning and strength in the evening. Attempting today’s strength work after this speed workout will cause you to be tired and your form will suffer. Please do not get injured by having improper form!

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