April – Day 17: The Day After Boston

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 2.43.26 AMAre you inspired by what our American runners did yesterday in Boston? Wouldn’t youlove to meet those amazing runners and tell them how awesome they are? I know I would! I’m not sure I’d know what to say, but I would love the chance to meet the women who do the work, toe the line, and give it their all!

While we might not ever be an elite runner, or run at the front of the pack at the Boston Marathon, we can still be the type of person we want to meet. Someone who inspires others to be better and push harder, especially when the conditions are awful and everyone around us is dropping like flys.

Desiree Lindin thought her race was over in the first couple miles. She decided to help her teammates and made attempts to put them in a good position. What did she get in return? A surge of energy and adrenaline. A power within her to keep going. That drive came from inside and no one could stop her.

Shalane and Molly might not have had the races they wanted…but they didn’t quit either. They kept pushing forward until they crossed that finish line.

These are women I would love to meet. They make me want to be like them. We are not American elite runners, but we can be like them. We can inspire others, we can help each and support each other, we can push through when we can to quit.

We can be the type of people that inspire others! Little things matter Crew. Who knows who you might inspire. Push through tough times because nothing good ever comes from quitting.

Be the type of person you want to meet!

Day 17 exercises:

  • Crunches – 3 x 10
  • Sally Leg Raises – 1 round (video below)
  • Donkey Kick + Fire Hydrant – 2 x 15
  • Glute Bridge – 2 minute hold
  • Plank – :60
  • Wall Sit – :60

Bonus: Modern Moms/Dads Hips (video below) – With a relatively short day, we might as well take advantage and get in some extra hip and glute work! Modern Moms Hip Strength is one of the quickest and best burns and it’s such an easy way to get those strong trim hips we want and need. Let’s do this!

Extra Credit: Stretch! Lots of hip & glute work today so let’s take a few minutes to stretch out and give those muscles some love! If you have the time, go ahead and get in all of our Key Stretches for Runners! Link is below.

Modern Moms/Dad Hips:

Sally Leg Raises: I see everyone talking about this getting a little bit easier and I love it. Keep it up Crew it gets easier each time because we are getting stronger!

Speed Work: Speedy Gonzales – We’ve done this one before and it’s a great little workout! This is a great one for the track but it’s also pretty simple to do on the road. If you’re not sure how to program your Garmin for this workout, ask me and let’s get you using that pricey watch that does so much more than tell us distance and pace! It’s only 4.75 miles total so if you know you should be doing more miles, add in an extra round!

What is 3K pace? Well..it’s definitely faster than 5K pace! 😉 If you’re still not sure what your pace should be for these type of workouts, please reach out to me and let’s get you working towards your goals!

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 2.59.17 AM

You guys often tell me that I inspire you and it is always a wonderful thing to hear. But did you know that you inspire me too? I’m just a regular girl who wants to be better then I was yesterday but sometimes I am lazy, make bad eating choices, and just don’t want to do what I need to do… but each and every one of you inspire me to keep going. Your posts make me get up and do it. You make me keep moving forward…especially when I don’t want too.

You inspire me Crew. Keep being awesome!

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.03.12 AM

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