Days 18 & 19: The Second Half…

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Think back to your first race, your first 5K, or maybe the first time you went bigger and signed up for your first half or full marathon. As race day got closer, you were nervous, but excited. You drove to the race site full of hope and determination. 

The gun went off and the race started….you did really well through the first half but then it got ugly. You slowed down, but you pushed through. It hurt, but you didn’t quit. You’re probably remembering tears of relief and happiness. A feeling of contentment and absolute power in being able to finish what you started.

It wasn’t so much the race as it was all of the work you put into that moment. It reminded you that you’re tougher than you think you are. That when you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. It was an amazing feeling and you were hooked!

You didn’t quit halfway, you didn’t stop when you got tired or your mind was telling you you couldn’t do it. You pushed through. YOU FINISHED!

Time to put that grit, that resolve to finish what you started, to the test. This is one of the busiest times of the year. So many people pulling you in different directions, vying for your time and attention. But you made a commitment to yourself. And it’s time to finish it!

The 2nd half of your race is here. You didn’t quit before…no way are you going to quit now!

Day 18 exercises: Nike’s Strength Workout for Runners – You’ve been working on this each Monday and you’re getting better at it. Let’s do it again! 15 minutes and you’re done! Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 7.53.22 PM

Day 19 exercises: Muffin Top-Less Dorm Room Workout – We’re not dorm dwellers, but sometimes we can feel the pressure of crunch time weighing down on us and we need a quick workout to give us energy and get us mentally prepared to face the busy day ahead! 3-5 rounds of this workout will have you feeling calm and ready for whatever comes your way.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 8.04.17 PM

Speed Work: Structured Fartleks – Fartlek is a swedish term that means speed play. So this week we are turning our intervals upside side and playing with speed in a different way, by ushing HARD through that normal “rest” period and taking the longer interval as recovery. What does this mean?

We’re going to run fast for :30 – :60 then walk and let our heart rate drop for the same amount of time. But these faster run segments aren’t just a little faster. They are at push pace, with you giving it 90% of your maximum effort! Think a full minute faster than your 5K pace. So it you run a 30 minute 5K and your average pace is 9:40/mile, then these short run clips should be at a 8:40/mile. Same goes if you run a 40 min 5K and your average pace is 12:55/mile. Then these short run clips should be at 11:55/mile. Whatever your most recent 5K run or race was, use that average to determine your pace for this workout.

This is a great workout for the road so no need for a track. Set whatever timer you use or the intervals on your watch for :30 – :60 run and the same :30 – :60 walk. I know each and every one of you better than you think…if you’re capable of :60 run clips, don’t sell yourself short…

Total workout should include 1-2 mile warm up + 2-4 miles of fartleks using the above scenario + 1-2 mile cool down. Total of 3-8 miles depending on your level of fitness. This is a simple workout that you can squeeze in on this busy week before Christmas! Just set your intervals and go!

We’re busy… We’re stressed…. We’re tired…. but all those things are just the negatives that are keeping us in our comfort zone. It’s easy to stay comfortable. But nothing incredible every happens inside our comfort zone.

Give it a try…your heart wants the challenge!

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