Days 11 & 12: Be Strong. Be Inspiring!

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We all want to get stronger, healthier, and be a better version of ourself, but what we do affects more than just us. When we put forth the effort to be better, we inspire others to be better too.

That’s one thing I love about our Strong to the Core family. I’m in a lot of groups, and there is no other group that supports, motivates and encourages others like we do. There is no other group where I feel comfortable sharing my my ups and my downs then our group. There is always a nay sayer, always someone who will come up with something negative, or someway to put people down. Not in Strong to the Core! We are always positive and always inspiring!

When you post, be proud of your accomplishment, because no matter how big or how small…there is someone watching who you will inspire. They may not reach out and tell you…but I promise there is someone who will do a little more because of you.

Let’s not forget those outside our group as well…who are you inspiring at home? Does your significant other look at you like your crazy but quietly admire all the work you put in? Do you little ones look at you with awe because you never give up and continue to push yourself?

There is always someone you will inspire…so keep pushing Crew!

Day 11 exercises: Nike/Runners World Strength Routine – 15 minutes y’all and a great well rounded routine to start our week. Remember that the fist video is about 12 minutes, then they give you a “water break” then it rolls over into the next portion which is about 3 minutes. This video has it all and I know it’s not easy but each time you do it you will get a little better! Click on the link above to follow along.

Day 12 exercises: 8 Minute Core Workout – Wherever you are, whatever your day looks like….everyone can make time for an 8 minute core workout! No equipment needed…well you need a watch, but that’s it!

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Speed Work: Beginner Yasso 800s – This week we are taking a step back from the mile repeats and are going to try out some Yasso 800s! This is a well known workout that will push you, help you increase your VO2 Max and your leg turnover, and teach you how to keep moving when you are tired. The full Yasso workout is geared toward marathon runners but anyone can do them. The real difference between running Yasso 800s and just doing regular 800m repeats is that you WILL NOT stop to rest in between your 800s. You do get recovery time but that comes in the form of slow jogging or even quick walking for 400m or 1/4 mile.


Alternate between pushing yourself for 800 meters (or one half mile) on a track and jogging easy for 400 meters (or a quarter-mile) to recover. The speed workout is often done on a track, but it doesn’t have to be—a quiet stretch of road or a smooth trail would work just as well, as long as the surface is fairly flat and you’re able to measure how far you’re running. As with any hard speed workout (on a track of elsewhere), you’ll want to start and finish with at least (I would prefer for than a mile for warm up) a mile of easy jogging to warm up and cool down.

What pace should you aim for? 800s (1/2 mile) are much shorter than a 5K race, so these need to be ran at OR faster than 5K pace. Remember, you get a recovery period in between each faster interval so don’t hold back.

5 might sound like a lot, but 5 is 2.5 miles so we can all do this workout! If you are training for a half or full marathon, you should be doing more like 6-10 of these 1/2 mile repeats. You know who you are…it’s up to you to put in the work if you want to be the best you can be! Questions? Please ask me!

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Time to get to work! Be STRONG. Be AWESOME. Be INSPIRING! Even though you do it for you, you will inspire someone else too! You might never know it…but what you do affects those around you and every time you do a little more than expected you inspire someone else to do a little more too!

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