Day 6: Core Strength

Searching for good memes and material for our post as usual, I came across this meme and was like “Oh I like that one!” Clicked on it…and it took me to one of our 2015 30 Days to a Stronger You blog posts! Pretty cool! Anyways….on to Day 6. 🙂

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A strong core will compliment everything you do. It will improve your technique, give you added strength and stamina…push you over those hills and carry you across the finish line. Bottom line…runners need a strong core!

The Runner’s World’ article, “The Core of the Matter: Strengthen your core muscles, and you’ll run smoother and faster, with fewer injuries. Bonus: A set of seriously taut abs” stresses the importance of core work for runners.

Exercise Physiologist for the Nike Farm Team, Jack Daniels, Ph.D. explains,

“The stronger your core, the more solid you are as you hit the ground. That reduces your need for unnecessary stabilization, and allows you to be a more economical runner.”

Today’s ab exercises will give you more stability and help you maintain proper running form during challenges such as hills, sprints or the final leg of long distance runs, supporting tired muscles even when you are fatigued.

Day 6 Plan:

  • Quick Morning Workout & Quick Before Bed Workout 
  • Day 8 Exercises: 2-3 x 10 with Stability Ball
  • Bonus: Stability Ball Mountain Climbers to failure (pure exhaustion) – see “how to video” below 
  • Speed Work: Today is a great day for speed work! Click here and scroll down for this week’s workout.

Quick Workout Routines:


Day 6 exercises: 2 – 3 x 10 (scroll down for “how to” videos)

  • Stability Ball V-Pass
  • Stability Ball Single Leg Press
  • Stability Ball Crunches
  • Stability Ball Glute Bridge
  • Stability Ball Forearm Plank we’re adding in our new stability ball exercises! Hope you have one! If not, you can modify most of these…just do your best. 🙂

Day 6 “how to” videos:

Stability Ball V-Pass: This is a great exercise for core strength and stability! Keep it slow and controlled.

Stability Ball Leg Press: The swiss ball leg press with tone your leg without the bulk. and will also help tighten your abs because you’ll need them to keep yourself stable as you press upward. This exercise is great for runners!

Stability Ball Crunches: Abdominal crunches are great core exercises, even better when mixed with balance balls for working other muscles as well.

Stability Ball Glute Bridge: This exercise is different than the leg press as you won’t be digging your heels into the ball. This time use your legs to pull your glutes up off the floor and your use core to hold you stable. You can do this with one leg or both. These exercises work to improve the glute and hamstring strength and is also great for our core.

Stability Ball Forearm Plank: If you haven’t yet mastered the forearm plank on the ground, keep working on it because this isa little harder.

****BONUS***** Stability Ball Mountain Climbers: Killer Core Workout!

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