Day 22: Squat City!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 4.04.05 AM

Oh YAY…you’re favorite day! 🙂

Time for hourly squats and push ups Crew! Remember to start early and do what you can 10-20 squats and 10-20 push ups per hour. If you miss hours, that’s ok. Pick it back up as soon as you can and just keep moving forward.

Day 22 Plan:

  • Tiny Tuesday – Small portions!
  • Morning Workout Routine and/or Coffee Break Workout
  • Day 22 exercises
  • Bonus – Modern Moms Hips!
  • Speed Work – If planned for Tuesday – Click here and scroll down for this week’s workout
  • Your Voice Your Story – Don’t forget to send me those stories! – PM me a file here or email to

Day 22 Exercises:

  • 10-20 Squats per hour (or as many hours as you can from wake up to bedtime!)
  • 10-20 Push ups per hour (or as many hour as you can from wake up to bedtime!)

If you just can’t wrap your hear around doing squats at work, check out last Tuesday’s post for some great, discreet exercises to do at your desk.

Bonus: Modern Mom’s Hips – We’ve neglected our hips a bit this month so let’s throw in this quick burn to strength and tone our hips and glutes!

It’s already the 22nd of August…time flies when we’re having fun! I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about our September challenge. Exercises requests, areas you want to work on, challenge ideas you’d like to see us throw in….this is your challenge so help me make it great for you!

Not too much to think about today….so time to get to work! Make healthy, small portion choices and let’s make our way to Squat City!

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