Day 24: Total Body Cardio

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It’s Monday again and it’s the last week of July. 7 more days to finish the month STRONG!

We changed up the way we do our sets so the reps don’t get as time consuming towards the end of the month. This means you don’t have the “I don’t have time” excuse.

2-3 sets, 10 repetitions of 4 exercises. If you have extra time, get to work on today’s bonus, then check out this week’s speed work and makes plans to get it done. Remember, just because you have the speed work on Monday, doesn’t mean you should do it on Monday. You need a few days in between your long run and speed work to recover and be ready to go hard. Don’t try to get it out of the way early and cheat yourself out of a good workout!

Weekly Check-in: How is it going with our Quick Morning Workout, Negative Pull Up Challenge and your July mileage goals? Check in and let us know if you are sticking with it and still working towards these goals!

Day 24 exercises: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Squat to Overhead Press
  • Dumbbell Reverse Lunge to Front Raise
  • 100 Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope
  • Forward and Backward Rocking Plank – :60

Bonus: #SweatyBodyweightCircuit – You can use your Quick Morning Workout as a warm up for this bonus routine. If you’re not sure about the plank, just do a regular forearm plank or a couple side planks instead.

1 round equals 3 sets of each circuit!

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Speed Work: Broken Miles – This was a fun workout we did at track last week. It is very similar to doing mile repeats but a little different with a short rest between .75 mile and your last .25 mile. Here’s how it works.

  1. Go out for a 1-2 mile warm up. Don’t skimp on your warm up, if you feel you’re not quite ready, run a little longer at your easy pace
  2. Stop and get a drink of water and rest for 1-2 minutes
  3. Start your first .75 mile – run straight through at around your 5K-10K pace. Stop at .75 and rest for 1 minute
  4. Start your watch again and run ALL OUT for .25 miles. When you’ve completed your first mile, stop and rest for another 2 minutes
  5. When your 2 minutes is up, start your next “broken mile”
  6. Repeat 2-4 times depending on where you’re at in your training. If you are a beginning runner, just do 1 mile. If you are training for a half marathon, do 3 miles. Full marathon? Do all four sets
  7. Cool down with 1-2 easy miles

This workout can be 3 miles (1 WU + 1 broken mile + 1 CD) or up to 8 miles (2 mile WU + 4 broken miles + 2 CD). Your mileage depends on you and what you want to get out of the workout. If you do less than you should, you’re only cheating yourself.

If you’re not sure what your 5K-10K pace is, reach out to me and let’s chat. I will help you figure it out.

Day 24 “how to” videos:

Squat to Overhead Press: The squat and the overhead press are two power-house moves that hit big fat- torching muscles like your glutes, quads, and shoulders.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge with Front Raise: This dumbbell lunge simultaneously works our glutes and abs to sculpt a strong, lean body.

Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope: I think you’ve go this one. 🙂

Forward and Backward Rocking Plank: You should feel this exercise in your Core, obliques and shoulders.

Useful Tips:

  • Keep your elbows directly beneath your shoulders.
  • Avoid elevating or anteriorly rotating your shoulders.
  • Engage your core to avoid sagging at the waist.
  • Don’t hold your breath! Breathe normally.

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