Days 15 & 16: Going Long…

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Whether you hope to PR in your next 5K, or complete a marathon, long runs are a key weekly workout that can help you accomplish your goals.

Long runs deliver a slew of physiological benefits!

  •  The heart gets stronger because it works harder to boost blood flow to leg, arm, and core muscles.
  • Our ventilatory capacity—the ability to move oxygen in and out of our lungs—increases as we develop our respiratory muscles.
  • Muscle strength and endurance improves because mitochondria (the energy-producing structures in cells) and capillaries (tiny blood vessels that transfer oxygen and waste products into and out of cells) become more dense.
  • Long runs also teach the body to use fat rather than glycogen, or stored sugar, as a fuel source. This saves our limited glycogen reserves for fast running at the end of a long run or marathon.
  • Finally, going long prepares you mentally and gives you confidence in your ability to cover the miles.

And of course…our long runs cleanse us. They are our chance to get away from “life” and take time for ourselves. Everything is the same when we come home…everything but us.

Our long runs make us strong and powerful. Our long runs make us unstoppable!

You know what to do on the weekend. Make it work for you… Long runs, wall sits, stretches, yoga & active recovery. More on that below. First, let’s take a look back at last weekend and our long runs with our BEST RUNNING FRIENDS! Hope to see a lot more awesome pics of this weekends soul cleansing runs! 🙂

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Day 15: Long run + Wall Sit (:60 or more) + 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Day 16: Yoga for Runners (links to options below) and/or Active Recovery

Yoga options:

Active Recovery: If you go long on Saturday, it is important to be active on Sunday as well. This doesn’t mean go crazy with a workout…it means you should move! Go for a bike ride, a swim, a long walk…or a short, easy run. Sitting around will make you stiff and sore. Being active will keep you from stiffening up and help ease the soreness.

That’s it for now Crew. Hope you have been hydrating, eating well, and getting your strength work in. If not…you will feel the effects in your long runs.

Remember, no matter how long your long run is, it is AWESOME! Your long run is YOUR LONG RUN. Be proud and run strong Crew!

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