Day 13: Legs & Glutes…Can You Kick It?

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.31.28 PM

Hard work and will power…get through it! Stay strong Crew…almost halfway through the month!

Jump up right now and get your Quick Morning Workout done! Do it now…before you think any more about it. Five minutes….GO!

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.06.37 AM

Can you kick it?


Day 13: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Squat Jacks
  • Lunge Series – Multi-directional Lunges – 2-3  times per direction per leg
  • One legged Bridge Lift
  • :60 Wall Sit


Bonus: Can’t go too long without a killer glute workout…who’s up for some Donkey Kicks and Fire Hydrants?

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.37.34 PM.png

You with me? 🙂

Speed Work: If you are going long on Sunday, you still have time to get in some speed work this week. Come on…what are you waiting for? Nervous? Anxious? That’s ok…you WILL get through it. Reach out to me with questions!

Day 13 “how to” videos:

Squat Jacks: Squat Jacks burn a high number of calories and and strengthen and tone our lower body!

Lunge Series – Multidirectional Lunges – 2-3x per direction per leg

One Legged Bridge Lift: Lie flat on the floor on your back. Bring your feet close to your glutes. Raise your hips as high as you can. Keep core drawn in as well as your glutes contracted. Make sure you keep your back straight during the entire exercise.

Wall Sit: How long can you hold your wall sit? If you can go past :60 hold it longer!

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