Day 6: The Greatest Gift

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 6.04.06 PM

Our days are short and numbered but that doesn’t mean we should ignore our health and wellness. Instead of choosing to let our days go by without striving for a strength of body and mind…why not choose to give ourselves and our family the gift of a healthy lifestyle.

This health we strive for is a lifestyle choice. It’s a choice we make everyday. A choice to do something for our heart, body and mind. Because exercise makes our heart stronger, our body healthier and our mind clearer. Exercise helps us clear the cobwebs, gives us the strength to push forward, and the clarity to make positive, healthy choices for ourselves and our family.

Choose to gift yourself and your family the gift of a healthy you. It only takes a few minutes but the effects last are long term and widespread. Show your family how much you love them today by choosing to be healthy and strong. Choose those endorphins that get you moving and keep you sane.

Day 6 exercises: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Squat with pulse
  • Reverse lunge with pulse
  • Lateral Speed Runners
  • :60 Wall Sit


  • Quick Morning Workout
  • Negative Pull Up Challenge
  • July Miles – keep logging those mile!

Bonus: It’s Legs and Glutes day… you know what that means right?

Modern Moms/Dads Hip Strength! 🙂 One round per leg!

Speed Work: Seeing some awesome speed work this week y’all. I want to see more! Click here and scroll down for this weeks workout.

Day 6 “how to” videos:

Squat Pulses: This exercise is not too intensive cardio-wise, but it will give you a good burn in your legs and butt.

Reverse Lunge with Pulse: Step back with the right leg (bending from the back knee) pulse up and down and then switch legs.

Lateral Speed Runners: Leg and core stability exercise for runners

Wall Sit: The wall sit is a really great exercise to target the entire thigh area, your quad, your inner thigh, the back of the leg, the hamstring, and your gluts.

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