Days 1 & 2: It’s a Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 2.48.02 PM

We don’t workout to be skinny….we workout to be healthy, fit and strong!

We want to live in our “house” and feel good in our own skin. It’s not a fad or a trend…it’s a lifestyle. Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 6.54.00 PM

We’re starting with the weekend so it’s time for our long runs, yoga, swimming, biking, playing outside with the kids, or whatever it is you like to do for active recovery. A few things to remember….

  1. Post today with your July Challenge commitments – What are you committing to? Your options: Quick Morning Workout, Negative Pull Up Challenge, Global 5K Challenge and Monthly Miles Challenge are your “extra” options. Write them down on a note to yourself, take a picture of that note and where it is placed, and post it!
  2. Make sure you have your buddy ready – If you are shy or just don’t know who to choose, reach out to me and I will help pair you up.
  3. Print out the July 2017 Challenge Calendar and the Quick Morning Workout and put it with your daily reminder note.
  4. GO FOR A RUN! – Go get some miles and start the month off with a BANG! 🙂

Day 1 exercises:

  • Warm up with Hip Hurdles (see below for the video tutorial) and a brisk walk or easy jog
  • Long Run
  • :60 Wall Sit
  • 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Day 2 exercises: Active Recovery – Active Recovery is described as anything that gets you moving but is done easy and in a short time period. After a tough long run, you should not be adding another heavy or tough workout. Keep it short and sweet and just focus on stretching out those sore muscles and getting them moving. You can choose a Yoga option from below, go for a swim, a bike ride, or do some other form of cross training that mimics the running motion.

Hip Hurdles or “hurdle drills” – Everyone knows they should do a warm up before they head out for a run, but we often forget, so this month I will remind you as often as possible. In June, we added the “Hip Hurdles” exercise which is a perfect way to open up our hips and get them ready to go long, so we are incorporating them into our routine before EACH run.

Here’s a reminder about how to do the Hip Hurdles or “hurdle drills – these drills do not require a hurdle. Just imagine a hurdle and get those hips moving!

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