Day 18: Build Yourself Up

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Pump your arms and your legs will follow.

It’s a refrain we should all say to ourselves during the last stretch of a long run or race, with our legs losing the will to live, let alone run.

It’s called opposition, which keeps us from falling over to one side. (Thanks, arms!) When running, our arms act as a counterbalance against our legs. When you’re running along and speed up your arm swings, your legs will naturally pick up the pace so that you don’t fall over.

While having less-than-strong arms probably won’t land us on the pavement, strengthening our arm muscles is vital to keeping upright, in proper form, and running efficiently. Plus, when we hit it hard during the home stretch, our arms have to kick into overdrive. If they are worn out and fatigued by the time we get to the last mile in a race, they may very well be why we don’t hit a new PR.

Bulging biceps will only get us so far on the race course. When running, our triceps and deltoids are doing most of the work. A lot of the forward swing, which you would think is thanks to your biceps, is actually momentum. (Of course, it’s still important not to ignore our biceps, because they look good and we don’t want any muscular imbalances.)

Don’t forget your back! Strengthening our lats as well as the muscles around our shoulder blades can us help keep our back straight, transfer power to our arms, and stabilize our shoulders.

Day 18 exercises: Perform today’s exercises slow and steady and feel the burn in your arms!

  • 40 Push Ups (slow)
  • 50 Tricep Dips (slow)
  • 30 Bicep Curls (slow)
  • Wall Sit (:60)
Bonus: Back & Chest Strength Workout – Add these 6 moves for a killer chest and back burn!

Don’t forget…it’s Thirsty Thursday! Drink up Crew! 🙂

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Day 17: Back On Track

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We’re just over halfway through the month and while there is some really great stuff going on….there’s also some slacking in key areas.

Beach Body May is all about eating as clean as possible AND working out…and it’s hard to stay on top of both. But one without the other means our goals are still out of reach.

Are you exercising, but sabotaging yourself when it comes to food choices?

Are you doing great with your eating habits, but missing out on the added benefits of strength and cardio?

What if you really made a commitment to hunker down and stick to both plans for the next two weeks? Where could you be by the end of the month?

It’s Wednesday, (weigh in day) and we are halfway through May. Plenty of time to recommit to utilizing the most effective anti-depressant (exercise) and avoiding the food pitfalls. Let’s think back on why we committed to eating healthy and exercising and get back on track for May!

Can you recommit and find it within yourself to finish the month strong? Comment below…tell us how you are falling short and what changes you will make to finish the month STRONG! You can weigh in…or you can look in the mirror and be honest with yourself…sometimes the best self check has nothing to do with the scale…

Day 17 exercises:

  • 100 Jumping Jacks
  • 100 Crunches
  • 50 Leg Raises (per leg)
  • :60 Plank

Bonus: Recommit to 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge or to your 30 Day Exercise Challenge!

Extra Credit: Mileage Check – Halfway through the month I like to check in with my mileage to see where I’m at and what I need to do to reach my monthly goals. It can be walking, running, biking, steps…whatever you do to ensure you are being active. We all have our own ways to track our activity levels. How are you doing this month?

Have you checked in with your buddy? The buddy system has been working well. Have you heard from your buddy lately? Maybe they need some motivation….I would love to hear from my May buddies! Elisha, Ellen, Angie…how are you ladies doing? It’s been a little quiet and I would love to see you all recommit! This “check in” is not designed to cause anxiety…just to make sure you know we are thinking of you and want you to be your best! xoxoxo

Back on Track Wednesday….let’s recommit and focus in on reaching our goals!

Before we sign off and get to work today….I wanted to remind you about stretching. We haven’t talked as much about it this month, but it’s still so important to stretch out all your runner sore muscles to keep them healthy and ready to carry you through lots of miles. If you’ve been neglecting this important aspect of training….make a conscious effort to get your stretching in!

7 Key Stretches for Runners

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Day 16: Get Those Glutes!

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We haven’t had a dedicated butt day in a while now so this is exciting! Squats, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants and Wall Sit… OH BOY!!

Let’s get those glutes fired up Crew!

Hip strength is one of the most important things we can work on as runners. Our hip muscles are particularly important because they can be involved in a range of running injuries. Weak hips can often be the cause of IT band pain, patella tendonitis (runner’s knee), piriformis issues, sciatica, and a myriad of other common running injuries. YIKES!

Sound familiar? These muscle weakness problems are as relevant for high-level athletes as they are for recreational runners. We ALL suffer from issues stemming from our hips and research has shown “a strong connection between weak hip abductors & external rotators and various leg problems.”

Training smarter is the best way to combat these issues so let’s stay injury-free and train smarter to achieve our goals!

Day 16 exercises:

  • 100 Squats
  • 50 Donkey Kicks (per leg)
  • 50 Fire Hydrants (per leg)
  • :60 Wall Sit

Bonus: While we’re at it…let’s throw in our favorite hip burn….Modern Mom/Dads Hip Strength!

Let’s get those glutes FIRED UP Crew!

Day 15: YAY for Core Day!

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Loved seeing all the activity on Mother’s Day! I said “do what you want” and you were active! How cool is that?

This past weekend brought so many amazing accomplishments: Marion finishing her first marathon, Sharon and Pam with their longest run ever, Alicja killing her 50 miler, Tammy rocking Spartan, Brandy acing her math final (yes we celebrate not running wins too 🙂 ), Courtney running a great 5K, and I grabbed the #2 spot on the podium.

I know there was so much more awesomeness that I’m missing here! You ALL make me so proud. I just don’t have the words (or the time) to let you each know how great you are!

But you know what? We ate like ravenous pigs, we SMASHED goals, we ran around on OUR day being active because it’s what we LOVE to do. And now…it’s time to get back to work! My belly feels like I ate everything in sight…so YAY for Core Day!

Day 16 exercises:

  • 100 Russian Twists (25 x 4)
  • 100 Crunches (25 x 4)
  • 100 Jumping Jacks (25 x 4)
  •  :60 Plank

Bonus: 3 Minute Abs with Rebecca – who doesn’t have 3 more minutes for a little extra ab work? Follow along with the video below…come on 3 more minutes! 🙂

So….Jessica is outside and I forgot we were running so I have to HAUL BOOTY. I will add some speed work a little later. Have a great Monday Crew! xoxoxo

Day 13: Sweat Happy!

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One thing I  hate to hear is “I can’t do it” when I know it was never attempted. It reminds me of when my son tells me he doesn’t like a certain food…when he’s never tasted it before. He just doesn’t like the look of it, so he assumes it will taste bad.

So we have a rule, you have to try it before you can say you don’t like it. Funny thing is…90% of the time, he actually likes it!

Same thing with our exercises. I know a lot of the time, we look at exercises and just think, “oh I can’t do that” or “that looks too hard” or “I’m not strong enough”.  When the truth is, you are stronger than you think and you can do these exercises.

You just have to try!

Who will you be today? The 6 year old who turns his nose up at food that “looks bad” or the powerful athlete who knows that the only way to build strength and character is to overcome the fear of doing things you once thought you couldn’t do?

Time for long runs, races, push ups, burpees and a wall sit! Sounds like happy sweat to me!

If all we did was run, we’d have powerful legs, but weak core, arms, back, and shoulders. That’s because even though running burns lots of calories, it only works about half the body.

Burpees provide a strength workout for the whole body. They place stress on the legs, core, chest, arms and shoulders. With every single rep, you’ll build up your glutes, hamstrings, abs, quads, and more.

One of the downsides of running to get in shape is that to burn a decent amount of calories, you need to go for a fairly long run.

However, burpees require far less time. That’s because they’re high intensity and work the entire body. It’s a fast-paced, dynamic and demanding form of exercise that will cut time out of your workout. Let’s face it, it’s the perfect addition for busy people.

Challenging ourself is an important part of sticking to the exercise program. Imagine how good it will feel when you build up the number of burpees you can do! Especially on long run day… Yes, you will be tired, but it’s only 20!

Work today’s strength exercises into your run today. Run a little then stop and do some push ups, run a little more then do some burpees. Our numbers are low today so you can work this in, then find a wall for :60, and you’re done!

Day 13 exercises:

  • 30 Push Ups
  • 20 Burpees
  • :60 Wall Sit

Finish off your day with some nice gentle stretching then you’re ready for a fun Mother’s Day weekend minus the guilt of not being active. 🙂

Day 12: Get Fruity

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.35.04 AM.png

Hey Crew, sorry this is coming out a bit later today. I actually slept in a bit which is nice but it only happened because my that is on fire and I can barely swallow. Brandy, it’s not nice to send your sick germs to Florida… 😉 Kidding of course….and at least it’s just my throat so far. And the show much go on…

It’s fruity Friday again and that means extra servings of all the colorful yumminess that comes in fruit form! What’syour favorite way to get fruity?

Heel to Butt Kicks – Ok so one of my coaches uses this exercise as a drilll before speed work. It is similar to butt kicks but not exactly the same. I meant to do a video for you before today and honestly, I forgot. So you can do regular butt kicks for now, and I will work on getting a video up by this afternoon some time for you. 🙂

Day 12 exercises:

  • 100 High Knees (25 x 4)
  • 200 Heel to Butt Kicks (50 x 4)
  • 100 Jumping Jacks
  • :60 Plank

Bonus: Stretch it out before long runs! – 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Hope you took some time on Wednesday to think about your long run and make a plan to get it done.

Where will you run? Who will you run with? How many miles will you go? What are you fueling and hydration needs for the distance you are planning?

Thinking about these things in advance will help you feel more prepared and more likely to fit it in your busy schedule. Because whether your training for a 5K or a marathon…. the long run should ALWAYS be a staple of your weekly schedule. “Long run” means different things depending on where you’re at…long run can mean 4-5 miles, it can mean 18-20 miles. or anywhere in between. It’s all relative to where you are, and what you are looking to achieve.

So take time to think about it…and have a fruity Friday! 🙂

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Day 11: Crunch, Touch, Burp & Chug

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.41.16 AM.pngThirsty Thursday and a great core workout here y’all!

For your water intake, you should be shooting for at least half of your weight. So if you weight 150, you should be drinking a minimum of 75oz of water each day….I know it probably doesn’t usually happen everyday…but let’s make it happen today Crew!

Today is Core Day and this is SO doable y’all. I know it seems like a lot but let’s break it into sets and focus on a strong, solid core to keep us upright and powerful during our run. And as Rebecca Louise says…do your ab workout first then tackle the bonus. She’s a killer but 7 extra minutes and you are done!

Day 11 exercises:

  • 100 Crunches (25 x 4)
  • 100 Heel Touches (25 x 4)
  • 30 Burpees – easy after 40 on Monday! 🙂
  • :60 Wall Sit

Of course, we are still working on healthy eating and we are 11 days into our 21 day No Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 7.19.58 PMJunk Food Challenge. 10 more days Crew.


Let’s do this! CRUNCH it up, TOUCH those heels, BURP loud and proud, then CHUG that water! 🙂 Make smart food choices so you don’t negate all that hard work!

Bonus: 7 Min Abs with Rebecca Louise

Day 10: Small Steps Turn into Miles

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 5.51.48 AM.png

Wednesday is weigh in day…but I do not want y’all to focus on this.

In fact, let’s skip it.

Go by how you feel. If you’ve been making poor choices…make today a reset day and commit to making good choices. Take it one day at a time and focus on small wins!

Small steps turn into miles!

Day 10 exercises:

  • 30 Push Ups (10 x 3)
  • 50 Squats (25 x 2)
  • 200 Jump Rope (50 x 4)
  • :60 Plank

Bonus: Yoga for Runners – Your Choice of Routines

Lots of yoga options! We’ve been pushing hard so today I want you to take a little time to center yourself and stretch out those sore and achy limbs.

  1. Yoga for Runners – “Unknot Yourself”
  2. Yoga for Runners – “Tight Hips and Legs”
  3. Yoga Poses for Runners

Half way through the week and time to start planning your long run. Thinking ahead about what the weekend holds will help you make the time and get it done. So let’s start now…what is your weekend look like?

That’s all for hump day…remember we are not eating right to be skinny…we are eating right to be lean, fast, strong and healthy! Make good choices today!

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Day 9: Tiny Tuesday & Donkey Kicks

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.11.31 AM

Let’s fire up those buns and eat tiny today Crew!

Small portions day…to help feel full with smaller portions try these tips:

  1. Eat smaller amounts but more often. You will more likely feel fuller on less as you will not be as hungry when you start eating. If you wait to eat until you are “starving” you are more likely to eat until you are “stuffed”.
  2. On a scale of one to ten, one is starving and ten is stuffed, take note of how hungry you are before you take your first bite. Then check in along the way. When you reach comfortably full (around 7-8) stop eating!! Many of us are used to eating until stuffed!! Stuffed is past where we need to be. If you give yourself permission to eat again if you really are hungry, it may help you be able to say “enough for now“.
  3. Choose high water and fiber content foods along with protein. Both types of foods help you feel full and satiated which means the time until you feel hungry again will be longer. More vegetables, some whole grains and fruit along with lean protein like fish, poultry, egg whites, lean beef, small amount of cheese and/or milk can all help to satisfy without going over your caloric needs.
  4. Set the scene! Plate your food so that it is appealing yet there is a beginning and an end. This will help you perceive that you have completed an ample meal. Choose a smaller size plate so the amount you are eating seems like more. Eat slowly, cutting your food into bite size pieces and pay attention while you are eating to what you are eating. This will help register that you have actually eaten a good amount of food and you will more likely be satisfied with the food consumed. Tuning into what we eat, how the food tastes, how it is prepared and how it satisfies us all contributes to the feeling of being full.
  5. Choose foods that are low in calories like carrots. You can eat many carrots and not end up eating too many calories.
  6. Be prepared for the munchies. Always keep food at hand like low calorie snacks. This way if the munchies hit, you have a good option and don’t go running toward the vending machine.
  7. As you are eating, remind yourself of your portion distortion. A portion of food can pretty much fit into the palm of your hand — if you are eating more than that, then you are eating just way too much and do not need more food.
  8. Remind yourself that you are in control. If that ice cream calls your name from the freezer — go throw it away!

When it comes to food YOU have the control and the power to make the change!

Day 9 exercises:

  • 50 Donkey Kicks (per leg)
  • 50 Bridge with leg lift (per leg)
  • 100 Bicycle Crunches
  • :60 Wall Sit

Bonus: 10 Minute Donkey Kick Workout for Butt & Hips

Thank you Melissa for reminding us about this awesome, booty smashing, 10 minute Donkey Kick workout! This will hurt y’all. Don’t think about it…just do it!

And yes…you still have to do the extra 50 Donkey Kicks per leg! 🙂

Let’s get FIRED UP Crew!