Day 8: Did Someone Say Burpees?

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I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go on and on about the effectiveness of burpees right? I know they suck y’all…but they are the single most important thing on today’s list. DO NOT SKIP THEM! Link below to modify…find a way that works for you and just do it!

Meatless Monday: Plan ahead to tackle today’s food challenge and don’t forget…21 Days no junk is still on. Y’all are doing awesome KEEP PUSHING!

Speed Work: This week’s speed work is going to help your 5K time!

The single component that improves pace in races is a weekly speed session. Most runners choose Tuesday or Wednesday as “speed day”. Depending on your fitness level and length of long run, start with 4-6, 8-10, or 10-12 x 400. (Reach out to me if you’re not sure how many of these you should be doing – 4 is the minimum!) Each 400 (one lap around a track) should be run 8 seconds faster than you want to average per quarter mile in your 5K race. For example, if you wanted to run 8 minutes per mile, your quarter mile race pace would need to be 2 minutes. The workout pace per lap should in this case be 1:52. Walk for half a lap between the 400s or just stand still and breathe!

Warmup: Prepare for the faster running with a thorough warmup. Walk for 2-5 minutes at first to get the blood flowing. Then, run half a mile at an easy conversation pace. Finally, do 4-8 acceleration strides.

Strides: Start each with a slow jog for about 10 steps, then a faster jog for @ 10 steps. Over the next 15 steps, gradually speed up to what you feel is your 5K race pace, then gradually glide back to a jog over the next 30-40 steps. Striding is similar to coasting off your momentum as you go down a hill and out onto the flat. If you practice this at least once a week you will learn how to save the running muscles while you are running. Walk or rest for 2-3 minutes between the last one and the start of first 400 meter repetition.

Warm Down: After your workout, don’t stop. Jog slowly, using as many walk breaks as you wish for the next 10 minutes. You’re done!

Injury Risk: Whenever you run faster than you’ve been running, there’s an increased risk of injury. This can be reduced by choosing a realistic goal and warming up even more on days when this is needed, and never pushing through pain, loss of function or swelling in a running body part. Continuing to run fast, when there is damage, can increase the time needed for repair. It is also important to have enough rest after each workout to allow the muscles, tendons, etc. to rebuild stronger.

Day 8 exercises & Food Challenge:

  • Meatless Monday
  • No Junk (see list if you need a reminder)
  • 100 Jumping Jacks
  • 100 Crunches
  • 40 Burpees
  • :60 Plank

Bonus: Modern Moms/Dads Hip Strength – I know we add this one a lot but it is quick (4 min per leg) and effective and can be done daily if you need (we all do) to strengthen those hips! 🙂

Burpee Variations: Burpee Variatins: Perfect burpee variations for beginners. This video will show you how to do burpee variations that will allow us all to do this super awesome (and most hated) exercise!

1 large fries = 524 burpees….do you really want those fries? 🙂 Make it a great day of activity and healthy eating Crew!

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