Day 1: Let’s Do This!!

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-8-13-13-pmFebruary 1st. Day 1.

A chance to start over, recommit, and forget about the past. Time to reset and get ready to kill another Challenge!

We have several new members so those of you who’ve been here for a while need to step it up and show them how we do things in the Core Crew!

Since we’re starting on Wednesday…and Wednesday happens to be a yoga day…we are starting a little easy. So to off-set the easy day…I hope to see everyone killing the bonus workout! 😉

Day 1 exercises:

  • Yoga for Runners – Tight Hips and Legs  – Great way to loosen up between leg days on Tuesday and Thursdays. If you have tight hips and legs you’re going to love this time for you. Find a quiet place and get loose!
  • Side Planks – :30 each side
  • Wall Sit – :60

Challenges: Click here for “how to” videos for push ups and the Superman exercise

  • Superman – :10 – Hold the superman pose for :10. A little later this week I will put together a quick video showing you this move and how to modify it as we get farther into the month and the time gets longer. 🙂
  • Push Ups – 25 – From your feet or from your knees. Against a wall or on steps or a bench. Whatever works best for you!

Bonus: Coffee Break Workout – This can be done throughout the day whenever you have a few free moments. Do one round each time you get up from your computer, or take a break from work. SIT LESS MOVE MORE! 🙂


#MadManMartin’s Plank Challenge: For anyone who wants to join in! Start on Day 1 and let’s get to planking! 🙂 One extra :20 plank today.


Might seem like a lot but it’s really not that much. Next week we will get back to adding speed work in too! Remember that this month it’s all about sitting LESS and moving MORE. Getting fit takes dedication and commitment…cheating on it won’t help you get where you want to be.

Make a commitment to yourself each day that you will get up each day and MOVE!

Let’s do this!! Make it a great day Crew! 🙂