Day 2: The Good Stuff


Ready to get to this month’s good stuff? Here we go!

It’s all in the hips!

Ladies and gentlemen…hip strength is for everyone! I know the video is from “Modern Mom.” Yes it’s a couple of women doing the exercises talking about slimming their hips… but this is good stuff y’all!

Don’t skip it. If you’re doing it right, those hips and glutes will be burning…and getting stronger!

Day 2 exercises: Hips / Stability – 1 set each side

****Watch and follow along with the how to video below****

  • Side Leg Pulse
  • Side Bicycle
  • Leg Stir
  • Big Circle
  • Hot Potato
  • Back Butt Press
  • Forearm Plank (:60)
  • Pigeon Pose (:30 each side)

Bonus: Burpees! YAY!! – 2 sets of 10

Blame Sharon…. 😉

Speed Work: Saw some good speed work yesterday. Who’s got speed on the brain today? Wednesday is a great day to run fast! Plenty of time to recover before our long runs this weekend. Here’s this week’s workout.

Remember that mile we did a few weeks ago? Time to break it in half and dial up the speed. This week’s workout = 800s. Take that mile time that you wrote down, break that time it in half (1/2 mile) then run 800s (1/2 mile) just a tad faster. Then take a 1-2 minute rest. Stand still, breathe deeply, drink some water, then go at it again!

Workout: 6x 800M

  1. Warm up (1-1.5 miles)
  2. 800M 6X (3 miles)
  3. Cool down (1-1.5 miles)
  4. Total of 5-6 miles

Ready for the good stuff? Repeat after me…”I Can Do This!” Get to work Crew!


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