Day 25: Abs and Yoga

Yoga for runners2

How about a little ab action before Yoga today?

Stick with the old or go for the new…choose which ab circuit works best for you!

Then drop into some yoga and stretch out those muscles cause the weekend is coming… and since I’m rarely subtle…it’s almost time to go long and we can’t have you shuffling!

No injuries, no soreness, no aches, no pain. If you’re feeling these ailments…only you are to blame. Take care of your body with some relaxing downtime and be ready to go long cause we’re runners (duh) …and that’s when we’re in our prime!

Day 25 exercises: Yoga for Runners + Plank – 1 minute (1X)

Bonus: Choose your circuit – #Abination or #AbPyramid

Running Drills: High knees, butt kicks, bounding and grapevines

Speed Work: If today is your speed work day…do it before your ab work and yoga. Click here to see the work out.

#BrowniePoints: Side Plank with Forward Kick – We are doing a version of this plank in our June Challenge so try it now and see how you do! Go for :30 on each side.

Always lots of fun things to do mid week so get up, get moving, and make it a fabulous Wednesday Core Crew! 🙂


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