Day 14 & 15: Long Run + Rest + Fun!

Runner problemsNo matter what you are doing this weekend…find time to fit in your long run.

Whether you’re a recreational runner or a hard-core marathoner, the long run is the backbone of any successful training program.

Here’s a few tips to help you get through your long runs feeling good.

  1. Follow your long run with a recovery day of very easy running, cross-training, or rest.
  2. Start your long run well hydrated and consume sports drinks and gels en route. This is excellent practice for the marathon and will keep you from getting overly fatigued.
  3. Limit your long run to 1:45 or less (unless you’re training for a marathon–see number 5, below).
  4. Consume 3 to 4 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight daily to make sure carbo stores stay loaded.
  5. Alternate long runs with very long runs when training for a marathon.
  6. Run with someone of comparable ability. Otherwise your long run may turn into a tempo run or a Sunday stroll.
  7. Ease back into training if you’ve missed a long run due to illness or injury. Going long as soon as you feel better can overtax an already battered immune system. Instead, do half or three-quarters of your scheduled long-run distance, then resume your normal schedule the following week.

I love tip #1. Resting after a long run is very important…but “rest” doesn’t mean you can’t run or be active. The day after a long run you can still go out and log some miles…just keep it short and easy. Don’t push pace and don’t stay out too long. If you don’t feel like running, do some cross training but once again…make it an easy workout. No matter what you do…don’t sit around eating everything in sight and not moving. Stay active!

Day 14 exercises: Long Run + Planks (Regular & Side Plank) + 7 Key Stretches for Runners

Day 15 exercises: Plank (Regular & Side Plank) + Rest

Remember you can always switch up these days to make them work for you and your schedule. Nothing is ever set in stone. Make it work for you and your family.

The weekend should be fun…a time to recharge for the upcoming week. Find time get in your long run…and spend quality time with your loved ones. Plan ahead to make sure you are balancing life at home with your fitness goals. Life is all about balance…you deserve “you” time but you also need to so make sure you spend quality time with the ones you love. Planning is key.

Make it a great weekend Core Crew! 🙂

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