Day 27: Easy to Eat…Hard to Burn!

Every drop of sweatRemember how yummy that dinner was last night? Time to work it off Core Crew!

Let every drop of sweat remind you how hard it is to burn off the calories…then don’t ruin it by eating crap!

One day at a time…one meal at a time…baby steps. When you go to reach for crap…think about all those crunches you did today…and WALK AWAY! 🙂

Day 27 exercises:

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • Frog Sit Ups – 4 sets of 15
  • Oblique Crunches – 4 sets of 15
  • Reverse Crunches – 4 sets of 15
  • Plank – :30 – 1 min (2X)
  • 100 Crunches – 4 sets of 25
  • Ab Stretches – see below

Bonus: #FlabToFab flab to fab

This bonus is SO doable! Find an extra 15 minutes and get it done! I want to see lots of posts with #FlabToFab today!

Speed Work: I see some people getting their speed work done…but not many. Huge props to Jennifer and Marion for knocking it out! Who else up for a little speed today?

Warm up then get ready for 6 – 10 sets of 200 meter sprints. That’s just over one tenth of a mile. YOU CAN DO THIS! Stop thinking about it…just go do it!

If you need a reminder of how to do it…or how fast you should be going for that .12 mile click here.

Just go do it.. don’t make me come find you and drag some speed out of you! 😉

Stretch Core Crew!! Here’s our 7 Key Stretches for Runners. Give those muscles some love!

Let’s get over the hump and get closer to the weekend. One day at a time y’all…only 3 more days in our April Challenge…finish strong!

Ab Stretches: