Day 21: Love Yourself Enough

Love myself enough to exercise“Strength training is one of the single most important non-running aspects of training that can help you become a better runner.”

Will you love yourself enough to make time to exercise today?

Monday is always a fresh chance to start the week off right and leg day is a quick workout so no excuses today! If you’re not running but still want to work up a sweat check out today’s bonus #KillerKardio workout and let us know how many rounds you were able to get done.

Lots of things to go over but it’s not all meant to be done today. I will refer back to today’s post and remind you to fit in the running drills, posture check, and speed work throughout the week.

Without further adieu…

Day 21 exercises:

  • Wall Sit – 1 Minute (3X)
  • Calf Raises – 3 sets of 15
  • Sumo Squats – 3 sets of 15
  • Planks – 1 min (2X)
  • Side Planks – 1 min (1X each side)
  • Calf Stretches
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Quad Stretch

Make sure you are doing the sumo squats correctly to get the most out of your workout today. How to videos are here and today’s stretches are below. Need a refresKiller Kardioher on our 7 Key Stretches for Runners? I hope you are adding these stretches in after each run…especially the long ones!

Bonus: #KillerKardio 

Don’t quit after 1 round…2, 3, 4 ? How many rounds do you have in you today?

Running Drills: Have you been trying out the weekly running drills? If not…why? They only take a few minutes but are fun and each drill has a purpose and will help you become a more efficient runner.

Slow Skipping:

Why: This drill helps develop calf and foot strength needed during the toe-off phase of the Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.24.31 AMgait cycle while also stimulating neuromuscular timing for running with high cadence. It also accentuates the high-knee action of the lifted leg during a running stride.

How: Skip with a moderate leap off of one foot and return to the ground and immediately leap off the other foot, maintaining a compact arm swing as if you were running. This slow-action skipping drill should have a staccato rhythm. Do two or four 50-meter reps.

Lateral Bounding: 

Why: This drill develops lateral strength and agility necessary to stabilize the body and maintain single-leg balance during forward running motion. Specifically, this drill works the glutes, hip flexors, tensors, abductors and psoas muscles in ways that are otherwise neglected in forward running.

How: With an upright torso and level head, move laterally in one direction by alternately bounding with your legs spread and your legs together. You’ll probably need to swing your arms overhead in an opposite pattern to maintain balance. Do two to four 50-meter reps to the left and right, facing the same direction for each lateral movement.

Here’s a quick video showing the one legged version of lateral bounding.

Form Check: Running Posture 

Good posture helps runners move more efficiently, avoid injury, and have a positive mental outlook. Even the casual runner can benefit from a few key posture checks.

  1. Run tall
  2. Keep the torso stable, with the entire body facing forward
  3. Stay relaxed throughout the body

Working on these elements while you’re running will enhance your performance and help you avoid injury. The New York Road Runners site tells us:

  • Running tall will increase lung capacity, leading to increased endurance and a more powerful running stride. It will also help athletes properly position their center of gravity and maintain proper alignment, which will prevent injuries and allow for efficient running.
  • A general sense of relaxation can have a positive psychological effect on runners by promoting feelings of ease, comfort and control. It can also improve performance by saving the body’s supply of oxygen for the muscles needed for the running motion. Releasing tension also allows the joints increased range of motion for fuller, more fluid movements.

Watch this NYRR club video on running posture for more great tips.

Speed Work: I want to challenge everyone to get a track workout in this week. If you don’t have a track…that’s can still do this workout. Go by mileage 1/4 mile intervals and make sure to take your rest breaks in-between sets.

Track workout –

  1. When setting out to do a track workout, warm up with a mile or two of easy jogging and then perform a set of four to six strides in order to get your fast-twitch muscle fibers ready to do some work.
  2. As for the workout itself, aim for two to three miles’ worth of intervals ranging from 1/4 mile (1 lap around track) to 1/2 mile (2 laps around track). Run them at your goal 5K race pace or even a few seconds per mile faster. For recovery, jog or walk for 2-4 minutes before starting the next interval.
  3. Cool down with a 1/2 slow job to bring your heart rate back down. Overall this should be a 4-5 mile run including warm up and cool down.

Want to know a good goal pace for you for a 5K? Reach out to me with a current 5K, 10K, or half marathon time and I’ll let you know a good goal pace for your track workout.

Lots of info here…but remember some of this is for the whole week and I will refer back to it. Plan your week in advance so you can fit in your key workouts without stressing or letting life get in the way.

Let’s get to it and make it a great Monday Core Crew!! 🙂

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