June – Day 6: No Crunches!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 9.12.03 PM

Who actually likes doing crunches? They’re so tedious and not fun at all. Instead of a bunch of crunches, today’s standing ab routine works out entire core while never having to lay down and do a single crunch!

Doing the same exercises over and over isn’t the best way to make progress so doing a bunch of daily crunches isn’t the way to go. Our body gets used to exercises and becomes more efficient at them so their usefulness wears off. Instead, we should do a variety of exercises that target our rectus abdominis, our obliques and our transverse abdominis.

We also need to remember that while flat abs look good it’s not the only reason we work our core. A strong core supports our spine and helps us have good posture which leads to stronger running, less pain in our backs and overall better health and stability.

Today’s workout might not seem that tough but you will feel it in your core so let’s get to work!


Day 6 exercises:

  • Fitness Blender – Crunches Abs Workout
  • Plank :60
  • Wall Sit :60

Bonus: Round 2 – Do this crunches ab workout a 2nd time through for a killer core burn!

When you are done make sure you are planning for your long runs and with planning comes hydration, rolling & stretching, meal preparation and getting some rest!

Happy Friday Crew!

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