Day 4: Expect Your Best!

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We can look at Monday with a scowl, or we can see a bright new day with endless possibilities and tons opportunities to do great things!

When we project negativity, negative things happen…because we’re expecting it, waiting for it, even looking for it. But when we wake up believing the possibilities are endless, our positive attitude is reflected in everything we do. Expect the best and good things will come!

We know that each day’s workout is a surprise…and to get our workouts done, we have to be optimistic about finding the time to get it done, optimistic about being able to complete the workout, and optimistic about how it will make us feel…because we know it getting it done feels amazing!

Word of the Day – Optimism: How can you incorporate optimism into more than your workout routine today? If you start optimistic about this one thing, can you extend that into the rest of your day? Do you think it will make a difference in the outcome? In how you will feel when you lay down tonight? Share your thoughts and maybe you will inspire someone else to expect the best too!

Day 4 exercises:

  • Surprise Workout (follow along with video below) – Butt & Thigh Workout
  • Plank :60
  • Wall Sit :60
  • Bonus – Hip & Glutes

Bonus – Modern Moms Hip Strength: Even with some awesome workouts in May, I realized that we neglected our hips and I am feeling it a bit in my knee so this month we are NOT skipping our hip & glute work. MAKE the extra 8 minutes you need to get this bonus workout in today!

Day 4 Workout – 10 Minute Butt & Thigh Workout: Starting Monday a tad easier with a shorter workout that will get us done and on with our day. And it will also give you time to get that hip and glute bonus in!

Plank: For our newbies, planks are awesome but you can do them incorrectly and get nothing out of them. Watch the video below and start with the easiest version and work your way up. Start with a lower time as well, maybe you do two :30 planks and slowly add time as you get stronger.

Wall Sit: Wall sit are awesome and we do them every single day (planks too!) but same as the planks, we must do them correctly to get the most out of this exercise. Check out the video below to see how it’s done. Try to get your legs as close to parallel to the ground as possible.

Speed Work: If you’ve been with us for a while, you know about IIP. IIP (Introduce, Improve and Perfect) is a training philosophy I learned during my RRCA Certification course. There are lots of theories out there about how we should train to get the best results but this one is good and I believe it is effective because it allows us three chances to get our workout right.

  1. Introduce the workout – The first tie is always the hardest. We make mistakes, we start too fast, we don’t get in a good enough warm up, we don’t get well or get enough sleep the night before, or maybe we even did too many miles leading up to our speed work and we’re trying to run fast on tired, heavy legs. I’d rather you make sure you have enough recovery time between long runs and speed work but I know some of you just can’t wait to go fast! 😉 So whatever happens, you have another chance. This first time is just the introduction.
  2. Improve the workout – The 2nd time you should be a little better because now you know what’s coming. Hopefully you’ve rested well, ate a good dinner the night before, hydrated properly so you’re not fading, and this time around…you should be slowing down during those first repeats because you realized you must have enough juice left to get through those last repeats. This is when you improve upon the previous week.
  3. Perfect the workout – Now it’s time to put your best foot forward and give it all you’ve got. You know what it takes to finish the workout so be smart and run fast!

Introduce — Improve — Perfect! Sounds like a good plan right?

Have an idea what this week’s speed work is? If you guessed 800s, you are right! This will be the third week we’ve done this same workout and if you’ve been putting in the work each week, now is the time to shine! Plan ahead so you can make time to get in the full workout, so you are rested hydrated, and well fed, and so you have a route planned and your workout programmed into your Garmin and ready to go!

The Workout: 1-2 mile warm up + 4-10 x 800 meters + 1-2 mile cool down (total of 4 – 9 miles)

The distance you do in this workout depends on your fitness level and your training goals. If you are new to speed work start low and slow with 4 800 meter (1/2 mile) repeats. If you are not new and training for a 5K, I want to see more than 2 miles of speed work because a 5K is MORE than 2 miles! If you are training for a half or full marathon, don’t skimp on the miles. Go longer with 4-5 miles of 1/2 mile repeats.

I know this can be confusing so if you have questions, please ask! I am here to help you and I do not mind private messages or just being tagged in a post. But you have to ask or I won’t know what you don’t know! 😉

No matter what you do…know that you might struggle and that’s ok.


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Thank you to Jennifer Stoner for providing today’s ending quote!

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