Day 19: The Madness Continues…

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We’re a little over halfway through March and going strong! Y’all have been killing it this month…so much so that I simply can’t keep up! That’s ok though I love trying! 🙂

The March Madness continues with the last two weeks of the month…let’s keep our March Madness Mantra going strong. Find ways to stay motivated, keep moving, practice mindfulness, maximize your time and keep that momentum going!

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Early Monday morning we are leaving to head to Vermont for the week. I will be a little less “present” this week because my family deserves some special attention but I will be popping in from time to time to check on y’all and I will make sure you have your daily workouts and “how to” videos.

Keep supporting each other and let’s push through the rest of March!

Day 19 exercises:

  • Plank Challenge Day 19 – Plank Reach – :60 or 2 sets of :30
  • 20 Minute Iron Core Strength Workout (1 round)

Iron Core Strength Workout – It’s been a while but we’ve done this workout before. I remember us doing it every Monday one month so some of you may remember it.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads for this workout on Facebook or in Runner’s World magazine…we’ll I found it and put it into a step by step workout for you.

Click here for all the details. 20 minutes Crew….make the time and knock it out!

Plank Reach – This is a little bit different than the example you see on the calendar but I like this one better. The movement makes you concentrate on holding your core tight!

Speed Work: Pyramid Running Workout – This week instead of running circles on a track, we’re going to do a fun pyramid running workout! This is perfect for everyone from speed work newbies to veteran runners. It’s a great way to spice up your speed work and get in and out fast! The instructions are simple, do a nice easy warm up then alternate your speed from easy to hard based on time. If you love speed work and want to go longer or harder, add some additional time to your warm up and add a 4 or even 5 minute interval before you head back down that ladder! But whatever you do…don’t skip your cool down!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 4.14.29 PM

We’re excited to take a family vacation and I am looking forward to disconnecting a little but don’t think I won’t be watching! 😉


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