Days 3 & 4: What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.22.13 PM

What are we doing this weekend? We’re running! And stretching and rolling and getting in some active recovery…oh..and don’t forget your planks and wall sit! 😉

Most important thought, we’re doing what we love most. Running!

Let us know your weekend plans so we can cheer you on! I will be pacing the Snickers Marathon in Albany, GA. Saturday morning in some near perfect running conditions. I’ve got the 4:45 group which makes me happy and relaxed. If you’d like to track me, click here. 🙂

I know my Crew is running too so let us know your plans!

Remember our March Madness Mantra: Motivation, Movement, Mindfulness, Maximize, & Momentum. Let’s keep it rolling through the weekend!

Weekend Warrior: This morning I had a Timehop pop up from this weekend last year so we are throwing it in again this weekend. You can break up this workout anyway that is best for you. Write it down as you get it done then tag your post with #WeekendWarrior and #Sqoosh for your chance to win a Sqoosh sweatband! I will pick a random winner from everyone who posts using these tags early next week. Not sure what a Sqoosh is? Click here and see everything this little band can do for runners.

Weekend Warrior

Day 3 exercises: Plank Challenge Day 3 + Warm Up (Leg Swings, Hip Hurdles & Lunge Martix + Long Run + Legs Up the Wall + Rolling & Stretching 

Extended Arm Plank (High Plank) 

Day 4 exercises: Plank Challenge Day 4 + Active Recovery & Yoga for Runners

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