Day 3: Nothing is Impossible!

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Today’s workout looks tough…and it’s not easy…but it will go faster than you think and one day you will look back thinking, that was easy! 🙂

Naturally, strong leg muscles are crucial for running fast, but many runners underestimate the importance of upper body strength for good running performance. The abdominal and back muscles play an important role in stabilizing our upper body. A weak core leads to compensatory movements, decreasing your forward propulsion.

A strong upper body is essential for guaranteeing an efficient transfer of energy from your body to your legs. Without this, the proper arm technique cannot provide the necessary support to our legs. In the end, an efficient running form helps us run faster and expend less energy.

So if a strong upper body, arms and abs, help us run stronger while leaving us with energy, why wouldn’t spend 30 minutes focusing on these areas? That’s all it takes Crew. 30 minutes. And you will feel stronger and have more energy when it’s done!

More energy after working out? YES! Strength work burns MORE calories than cardio. If you are running before you do your strength work, you are missing out on extra calories burned! Let’s say you go for a run right when you wake up, you run 3 miles and burn 300 calories. Then you come home energized and get your strength training done on tired muscles. So your form suffers (because you’re tired!) and you pull your shoulder out of place. EEEKKKK! Now you are in pain and just want to lay down with an ice pack.

Instead, what if you get up and do your strength work first then go for your run? You knock out your strength work with great form and no injury, then you go run your 3 miles burning 350 calories because your strength work is STILL WORKING for you!

No brainer right? I know we all just want to run, but think about the benefits of doing your strength work first. Try it and see how you feel. It would be nice to come home from a run and be done right? 🙂

So…I would love to see strength BEFORE cardio today! Let’s do this!

Day 3 exercises: Arms and Abs – 4 sets of 10 with 1 min rest in between sets

Yes 4 planks! 🙂 (“how to” videos at bottom of post)

  • Heel Touches with :10 Hold at end (hold the “up” position and squeeze those abs!)
  • V-Pass with Stability Ball
  • Back Extensions on Stability Ball
  • Plank Up and Downs
  • Slow Push Ups
  • Lying Chest Fly
  • :60 Plank

When you’re done, go for a run! 1 mile or 5…just take it nice and easy because long runs are coming up!

Before you go to bed, while you’re winding down, watching TV or hanging with family, take it to the floor for some good runners stretches!

7 Key Stretches for Runners + Pigeon Pose

Not feeling it today? Dig deep and bring out the willpower that is within…then get up and get it done. You WILL feel so much better when you do!

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10.58.22 AM

Day 3 “how to” videos:

Heel Touches: Super quick but effective exercise for our abs and obliques. Make sure you are holding that core tight! After a 10 count on each side hold that “up” position for another count of 10.

V-Pass with Stability Ball: This exercise is another one of my new favorites. It burns good! Make sure you are keeping your back flat on the floor. If you don’t have a stability ball you can use a couch pillow, basketball or soccer ball!

Back Extensions with Stability Ball: The stability ball back extension resembles a backward crunch. Nice smooth controlled motion.

Plank Up and Downs: Combination move for our arms and core!

Slow Push Ups: No matter what your fitness level is, you can do these slow push ups for stability and strength. Against a wall, on stairs or a bench, from the floor on your knees, or full push ups. Whatever works best for you…just make them slow and controlled.

Lying Chest Fly: Simple and quick move that will tone and tighten your arms and chest. Don’t skimp on the weight here. If you can go a little heavier, push yourself!

Plank: No crunches! Just hold tight and feel that core burn!

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