Day 18: Rise Up & Attack!

It’s Monday again y’all and with only 13 days left in the month, it’s time to find your motivation and Rise Up & Attack the day with enthusiasm!

Lots of miles over the weekend means we need to give our legs a rest day, so it’s a good thing it’s arm day with a little core work thrown in. 🙂

Before we move on to today’s exercises, I want you to take a minute to think about your run this weekend. What did you do with your arms when your legs got tired? If you use a run/walk, how did you hold your arms when your walk break came? Did you use your arms to push you forward and help you keep moving? Or did you let your arms hang down and drag you down?

Our arms can make or break us in one of our really tired moments. If you remember to use your arms to your advantage, they can help you keep moving forward when your legs are ready to give out.

Running practice: This week, I want you to keep your arms in mind when your running. Consciously use your arms to push you forward during your run! To do this, push your elbows back…don’t pull your elbows forward. If you use a run/walk, don’t let your arms drop and hang by your side when you’re walking. Keep you arms up and elbows pushing backwards to propel you forward. If you keep this little trick in mind, it will help you physically keep that forward movement, and it will help you keep your spirits high when things seem to be going south.

Day 18 Plan:

  • Quick Morning Workout & Quick Before Bed Workout
  • Day 18 exercises: 2-3 x 10
  • Bonus
  • Speed Work Plan

Quick Morning Workout & Quick Before Bed Workout: 

Day 18 Exercises: 2-3 x 10

  • Bicep Curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Tricep Overhead Extension
  • Chest Presses
  • Forearm Plank – :60 or more!

Bonus: Straight Arm Plank – One more Plank using straight arms to really feel the burn! Shoot for :60 or more!

Speed Work: The Even Steven (Track or road workout)

Warm Up: Walk or jog to warm up (1-2 miles)

Workout: Run 4-8 laps around the track or a 1/4 mile each on the road. Try to run each loop or 1/4 mile at the same pace (within five seconds faster or slower than the previous loop).

Cool Down: 1-2 miles at easy pace + 3-5 minutes walking at the end

Total mileage = 3-6 miles with warm up and cool down depending on how many sets of speed work you do.

What it does: This workout builds endurance and teaches you to maintain a steady, consistent effort, which is what you’ll want to do in your race. Runners of all abilities tend to just start running as fast as they can, until they tire out and have to quit.  Knowing that you have 4-8 loops or 1/4 mile sets to do, you’ll learn to start your first loop at an easier pace and get into a rhythm that you can maintain for each set.

Are you ready to find your Monday motivation, then RISE UP & ATTACK the day with enthusiasm? I AM! That Fresh Monday enthusiasm looks good on you and will set the tone for the week!

Let’s do this Crew!

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 5.23.45 PM

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