Day 14: Strong Legs for Running!

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We know runners need strong long to power up hills and through the final miles of a race or long run. But did you know that….

Studies show that regular strength training can improve running economy-how efficiently the body uses oxygen-by as much as eight percent, translating into greater speed and more muscle endurance. And it makes sense for runners to focus on their most important body part. “Strong legs also mean more power and can also correct the natural muscular imbalances caused by running, which can lead to injury and loss of speed.” says Bob Larsen, who coaches elite marathoner Meb Keflezighi.


Elites also know that it doesn’t take hours in the gym to build the strength we need to keep us healthy and running strong. A few key exercises a few times a week is all we need to strengthen the areas that can cause pain and injury if ignored.

Today’s exercises are GREAT for runners. They are simple, effective body weight exercises that strengthen our hips, glutes and legs!

Day 14 Plan:

  • Quick Morning Workout and Quick Before Bed Workout
  • Day 14 exercises: 2-3 x 10
  • Bonus: Bulgarian Split Squats – see the “why” and “how” below
  • Water/Hydration Challenge

Quick Morning Workout and Quick Before Bed Workout

Day 14 exercises: 2-3 x 10

  • Squats – Your Choice
  • Side Lunges
  • Clams (Resistance band optional)
  • Reverse Clams (Resistance band optional)
  • Wall Sit – :60 or more (After your run if you are running today!)

Bonus: Bulgarian Split Squats – Single leg strength and stability, quad power, glute strength, calf strength…this move is a good one! Watch this Spartan Beast show us how it’s done. And no…it’s not just for Spartan runners, it’s for every athlete who knows that single leg stability is essential for those who don’t stand still!

Water/Hydration Challenge: We’ve done this before and it’s a great way to remind us to start hydrating for our long runs which are right around the corner! Grab your water bottle and get to drinking! In today’s post, tell us how much water you should be drinking and the little tricks you use to make it happen!

Rolling and Stretching: Last but certainly not least, and for most of us VERY important…roll and stretch! As we inch closer to the weekend, now is the time to take a few extra minutes with your roller then stretching out those limbs. You know how to do it, but if you need a reminder below is a great video to show you the most important areas to roll and the best order to do it in. Oh….and here’s a link to our 7 Key Stretches for Runners! 🙂

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