Day 12: Full Body Strength + Cardio

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We’re gonna work it all today Crew! Let’s build strength in our arms, legs, and core, and throw in some cardio to get the juices flowing!

Keeping this short and sweet today, because I am heading out for a run and I can’t wait! Patience has paid off and my legs are feeling so good again…so it’s time to get back into the swing of things and pound some pavement! 🙂

Day 12 exercises: 

  • Combat Burpee – 2-3 sets of 10
  • Burning Bridge – 2-3 sets of 10
  • Jump Rope (with or without a jump rope) – 100 total (2 sets of 50 or 4 sets of 25)
  • 5 Minute Rolling Plank

Bonus: #OneExtraRound – It’s Monday and a great day to push yourself just a little bit farther. If you were going to do 2 sets…do 3! If you were going to do 3 sets…do 4! Show Monday who’s boss!

Extra Credit: :60 Wall Sit – If you are running today, finish off your run with a strong :60 Wall Sit! Do it before you even go inside. Find a wall or a car and take a minute to work those quads! The wall sit on tired legs is a great way to build strength!

Weekly Speed Work: Cranking it up a notch this week and letting our speed work stretch out. Mile repeats! Mile repeats can work wonders for 5K-10K runners, half marathoners and marathoners by manipulating the intensity, number of reps, recovery and even terrain to suit your needs. Mile repeats are long enough to build race-specific strength and endurance and challenging enough to help improve your mental game when doubt sets in and focus starts to fade.

The number of mile repeats you do depends on the race distance you are preparing for and the time you have until your next goal race. As always, you need to run a good mile to mile and a half warm up before you start your mile repeats then another mile to mile and a half cool down when you’re done. If you are less than a week and half out from your next race, don’t push yourself to far…it’s already time to be tapering and getting ready to race. 2 weeks or more out? – Go for it and see if you are ready to meet your goal.

  • 5K: 3-4 x mile @ 5K pace or up to :20 slower with :90 rest in between miles
  • 10K: 4-6 x mile @ 10K pace or up to :20 slower with :90 rest in between miles
  • Half Marathon & Marathon: 8-10 x mile – For this workout, try alternating your pace between half marathon to marathon pace every other mile. So for the even miles slow down about :30. – Rest 2-2:30 minutes between mile repeats.
  • PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME IF YOU NEED PACING GUIDELINES! I am here to help you. Please let me know if you have questions about the pace you should be trying to hit for this speed work. Done correctly, this workout can be a great indication of whether or not you are ready to hit your goal time.

Monday “how to” videos:

Combat Burpees – Fun variation on the traditional burpee! Give it a go!

Burning Bridge: Another great full body burn! Squeeze your glutes and keep your tight core while you work your arms!

Jump Rope: Don’t have a jump rope handy? No problem! Just pretend you do and get to jumping!

Five Minute Rolling Plank: Round it off with a strong 5 minute rolling plank! This will work every part of our body and you can do this so give it a go and surprise yourself with how much strength you have!


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