Day 7: Global Running Day + Some Abs & Arms

MOTR Global Running Day ImageGlobal Running Day is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running.

On June 7, over two million runners from across the globe, in 164 countries, have pledged to get up, get out, and go for a run.

Participation is easy—just pledge to take part in some type of running activity. It can be a solo lap around the block, a long run with friends, or even a game of tag with your kids.

Think about what running means to you, how it has changed your life, the people it has brought into your life. Maybe today is your chance to share your love of this sport with someone who needs some activity in their life, or maybe they just need a friend and an outlet.

Why do you run? Think about it…then go run. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 5.10.59 PM

Today’s exercises are probably familiar to you…except maybe the Arnold V-Sit, but don’t worry, you’ll love it! Should be another relatively quick workout day, but don’t rush through these exercises. Take the time to feel each move and how it affects your arm and core muscles. If you don’t feel it working, you’re not doing it right.

Day 7 exercises: 2-3 sets of 10

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Kettle Ball / Dumbbell Swing
  • Arnold V-Sit
  • :60 High Plank

Bonus: 7 Best Ab Exercises with Rebecca Louise – Remember our sweet Rebecca with the cool accent? She’s back! 9 minute bonus ab workout. How bad do you want that tight, flat belly?

Bonus workout is below today’s “how to” videos.

Speed Work: If you haven’t gotten in your speed work yet, today is a great day for it. Plenty of time to recover before our long runs this weekend. Click here (Monday’s post) and scroll down for this week’s workout.

Day 6 “how to” videos: All of today’s exercises are below. Make sure you are doing them correctly!

Mountain Climbers: Mountain climbers are great total body exercise. You are going to be utilizing your core because you are starting from a plank position. Your shoulders have to stabilize your upper body. Your triceps have to work isometrically to keep you in place. And then you are gonna be moving your legs, so you are getting some work in the hip joint. And also because you are usually doing them pretty quickly, it becomes a very cardiovascular type movement.

Kettle Ball / Dumbbell Swings: No need to go out and buy a new piece of equipment for this exercise. The swing can be done with a kettle ball or a dumbbell. Of course if you have a kettle ball you can use that too.

Arnold V-Sit: Hot arms & abs – this exercise targets our core, biceps, shoulder and triceps. Same 2-3 sets of 10. Hold that core tight and open up your arms and chest.

High Plank: Arms, shoulders, core – GETTT ITTT

Bonus: 7 Best Ab Exercises

How bad do you want it?

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