Day 30: Bust It Out!

Final Day! screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-4-31-36-pm

Get up, get moving, and bust it out Crew!

1 round of hips for each leg then for your bonus, do it again!

2 rounds. 5 minutes per leg. 1 :60 plank and pigeon pose.

20 minute workout.

Once you get it done, shout it out loud cause you just finished an awesome month of strong hip and ab work!

Day 30 exercises: Hips – Modern Mom – Strong Hips Video 

Follow along with the me and let’s finish the month strong!

Speed Work: The week isn’t over just yet…have you done your speed work? Here’s this week’s workout:

Workout: Gear Shifter

How to Do It: In this workout, alternate between your easy, medium, and fast paces. Warm up with three to five minutes of walking. Then ramp up to your easy pace (see below) and hold it for two to three minutes. Then shift into your medium pace and sustain it for one minute. Then shift into the fast pace for 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle two or three times. Walk for five minutes to cool down.

Use this guide to find each gear:

Easy: Conversational pace; a pace where you could chat with a friend running alongside you. This is a rhythm that feels like you could maintain it all day long if you had to.

Medium: This should be faster than your easy pace, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re speeding. You would prefer not to hold a full conversation, but if someone asked you a question, you could answer in two- or three-word sentences.

Fast: Quicker than your medium pace. In this gear you should be able to say one or two words but, if someone asked you a question, it would make you mad because you wouldn’t want to expend the energy to answer them. Don’t sprint all-out or push to the point of pain, or where you feel you’re going to pull something. You should feel like “I’m okay, I just don’t want to do this for very long.”

We’re not getting any downtime…December starts tomorrow!

But before we move on…take a moment to reflect on the month and how far you’ve come. How many days did you complete? Did you give it your all? Why not? What got in your way? What can you change in December to help you do a little more? To push a little harder?

A successful challenge month isn’t measured just by completing each day on time…it’s also about challenging yourself, doing a little more than you thought you could do, pushing your limits, and coming out stronger because you did.

Can you call November a success?


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