Day 23: Get Involved

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-7-51-31-pmI can tell why you should do strength work…

I can show how to do the exercises…

But the best way for you to learn and really remember…is for you to get involved!

December is close and I need to know what you want to work on. What have you liked in past months? What areas do you want to work on? Send me a video of you doing your favorite exercise or just send me your ideas.

Get involved and make December your best month yet!

Day 23 exercises: Hips – Follow video below

Our hip workout takes 4 min per leg. That’s 8 minutes to stronger hips. Can you make the time to help you avoid injuries and run stronger?

Bonus: We’ve been doing this hip workout for a couple weeks now. Are you strong enough to go another round? Bonus = Hips round 2!

Speed Work: Unless you’re racing this week, you should be doing speed work! Here’s this week’s workout.

Workout: 4-6X 800M (1/2 mile repeats) 

  1. Warm up – 1-1.5 miles (slow)
  2. 4-6x 800M – 1/2 mile repeats with :90 rest in between sets
  3. Cool down – 1-1.5 miles (slow)

Total of 3-6 miles depending on your distance level. If you’re in “training purgatory” the lower level of 3 miles is a great way to work up a sweat and keep your speed in tact. If you’re in peak training and have a race coming up, go for the longer distance and bust out 6 miles with 3 miles of speed work!

Who’s racing tomorrow? Turkey Trots? Thanksgiving fun run? Longer races? Tell us what you’re doing so we can cheer you on!

Remember to think about what you want to see next month and let me know.

Get involved Crew! 🙂



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