Day 12: Motivation Dust

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Lacking motivation today? Need some fairy dust to give you energy and get you moving in the right direction?

I wish I was a magical creature and had a mythical motivation dust to help you through your workout and your day. Truth is…you don’t need magic to find your motivation. You’re part of the Core Crew and you have all the motivation you need right inside you!

Intrinsic motivation is part of who you are….all you need to do is reach down deep and bring it out.

You’re magical fairy dust comes from four factors: enjoyment, control, interest, and confidence.

Enjoy what you’re doing, have control over your environment, be interested in the activity, and know you can be successful. These four factors are your magical fairy dust.

What does this mean for our Friday? Find the fun in your workout, take control and pick the exercise that interests you most, then remember that you are strong and powerful and can get through anything you put your mind too.

So today’s workouts are the Standing ab and Daily ab routines. Our calendar says to do each one twice….but today you have the choice. Pick which workout you like better and rock it out! You can do today’s plank or choose any plank that we’ve done this month. Make it fun and make it yours. Feel the burn in your abs and find the confidence that is already deep down inside you.

Day 12 exercises: Your choice – 4 sets of abs

  • Standing Abs
  • Daily Abs
  • Plank Challenge Day 12 – Low Side Plank with Hip Dips (:45 3x) or choose a plank that you like and knock it out.

Plank Challenge Day 10 – Low Side Plank with Hip Dip:

Bonus: Ab & Squat Challenge Day 12

  • 45 Sit Ups
  • 60 Crunches
  • 70 Squats

No extras on Friday but you can always do another set of abs! Or take time to stretch out those legs and get lots of rest because it’s almost time to go long!

Our 7 Key Stretches for Runners or Yoga for Runners are both great ways to get lose and limber for the weekend!

I’m not the fitness fairy….but I do believe in you. Now get up and get moving Crew! 🙂

no magic potions


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