Day 5: Pressure Makes Diamonds

no pressure no diamondYour FAITH must be bigger than your fear.

Your DETERMINATION must be stronger than your excuses.

You must apply consistent pressure to form a diamond.

No pressure…No Diamond.

It takes hard work to get results and those toned, tight abs you want…won’t happen without the same consistent pressure that forms diamonds.

Is your faith in yourself bigger than your fear of pain and soreness? Is your determination stronger than your excuses? Are you willing to apply enough pressure to form diamonds?

Day 5 exercises: 2 rounds of each workout

  • Daily Abs – 2 rounds
  • Standing Abs – 2 rounds

Bonus: Ab & Squat Challenge Day 5

  • 5 Sit Ups
  • 10 Crunches
  • 20 Squats

Extra Credit: Atomic Crunch & Runner’s Crunch

Thank you Traci Hart Caldwell for suggesting these great ab moves! Who’s for a little competition today? We’re going to do 1 as many reps of each of these exercises as possible for 1 minute each. Atomic Crunch for 1 minute then the Runner’s Crunch for 1 minute. Let us know how many you were able to do and let’s see who added the most pressure to their diamond today!

Atomic Crunch: Watch this video to see how to do the Atomic Crunch

Runner’s Crunch: Here we go with one more exercise for 1 minute. Watch this video and see how it’s done then get to work! How many can you do….while keeping that tight controlled form?

If you’re feeling the pressure…you’re doing it right!  Let’s make some diamonds Crew! 🙂

Diamonds shine brighter with pressure

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