May “How To” Videos

Do it the safe way

We can do all the exercises we want…but if we aren’t doing them the right way…the safe way…what’s the point?

Watch these “how to” videos before you get started to see how they are done correctly. Using the proper form is more important than doing them fast. Take your time and do it the right way…the safe way…everyday!

Plank: We all should know how to plank by now but for any newbies and as a refresher…watch Scott Herman show us the proper form.


Lunge Stance Single Arm Shoulder Press: In a lunge position, perform a one-arm shoulder press. The arm that’s pressing will be the same side as the leg that is back in the lunge. This will be a great exercise to work our arms…and give us some stability in our legs as well.

Renegade Row: The Renegade Row is a great exercise for core stability and arm strength. This is a great video that will show you how to get started…then how to add weight. She talks about wrist stabilization for those who have some issues with that as well. I find that it is easier to do one side at a time and leave one hand flat on the ground. Do what works best for you but make sure to keep your shoulders and body straight.

Arm Raises – Front & Side: Here’s another one of my fitness favorites, Michelle Trapp, showing us how to do arm raises. These are great for increasing arm strength and flexibility.

Push Ups: You probably think you know how to do a push up but take a minute to watch this video so you are able to do them most effectively. You can also modify the push ups by doing them on stairs or a bench to bring your body higher and make it a little easier. Don’t give yourself too much slack though…work hard and challenge yourself!


Pistol Squat: This is a great video on Pistol Squats and some of you have probably seen it before. Watch it again! Pistol Squats are great for hip strength, stabilization, and leg strength.

Fire Hydrant & Donkey Kick: This video shows you how to do each move separately and you can do it that way…or you can add the 2 moves together. Do the donkey kick then go directly into the fire hydrant to make it one move.

Squat – Your Choice: There are tons of squat variations…choose one that you think will work the areas you need most. Some choices are Curtsey Squat, Plie Squat, Sumo Squat, Squat Jump, Squat Jacks…and that’s just the beginning. For more squat ideas click here.