Days 18 & 19: Go Long and Stretch Deep

Accomplishments starts with tryingOnce again the weekend is upon us and it’s time to slow down, go long, and stretch deep.

Going long means doing a little more than we’re used too and the only way to accomplish something new and scary…is to try. The extra mile doesn’t come easy but when we finish…it’s the best feeling in the world.

When you’re faced with the decision to get out there for your long run…or skip it and go back to bed, remember that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. So shake off those nerves, lace up your running shoes, and go make some new memories!

Day 18 exercises:

Day 19 exercises:

Running and Yoga support and enhance each’s a few reasons why you should take the time for the deep stretch:

  1. Injury prevention: Running is a high impact activity, and our quads and hamstrings can get very tight both immediately after a run and long term if you’re a frequent runner. Continually stressing tight muscles can lead to injury. Combining running with stretching and a regular yoga practice is an excellent strategy for easing the tension of tight muscles, improving muscle length and toning. Yoga will complement the strength and power developed through running, and will help maintain mobility and stability within the joints. This will all help to support running and other activities.
  2. Breathing: This sounds silly perhaps, but yoga teaches you how to breathe. Not just that, yoga teaches you how to breathe in an efficient way so that you can actually breathe through some level of discomfort. Yoga reminds us that we can focus on our breath when doing something active like running, and make it into a type of moving meditation. This is part of, what runners refer to as, getting into “the zone” and being able to just keep on keeping on.
  3. Challenge: Many beginning yogis have quite possibly encountered a challenging pose and thought there was no earthly way they could do it. But with a regular practice and good guidance, one day they found themselves able to do that once unattainable pose, and to do it fluently to the point that they experienced that euphoric buzz of having faced a challenge, met it head on, and done what it is they set out to do. I think that those experiences in yoga teach us how to face other challenges in our lives too. This includes our goals in running; whether we want to run faster, run longer, or run more regularly.
  4. Toned body and mind: Running is, of course, a great cardio workout, but we know we’re also meant to work on whole body muscle tone and strength building to stay physically balanced. A very fitness oriented style of yoga, such as power/vinyasa/fit yoga, certainly offers a toning workout. In this style of yoga we maintain challenging poses and “all guns are firing” to support us. And of course the meditative effects of the yoga movements, and the treat of relaxation at the end of a yoga session, contribute to the mental health benefits we need to balance the physical fabulousness of our running and yoga practices.
  5. Recovery: The body does need rest to actually reap the benefits of the physical and mental activities that we do. Muscles need a chance to recover and the slower, more nurturing segments of our yoga practice encourages the muscles to let go of tension and metabolic waste while holding on to the positive effects of our work. A regular yoga practice also helps us to establish good sleep patterns and other healthy habits.

Don’t skip your stretches and Yoga this weekend Crew. It’s an important part of the plan and will help you become a more efficient, less injury prone runner.

When you slow down and focus on your muscles a deep stretch feels just like a good massage…and who doesn’t want a good massage after a nice long, hard run.

Deep stretch good massage

Day 19: How Do You Stay Accountable?

AccountabilitySome people like to post…others follow the calendar and get it done without posting. Either way is fine…as long as your being active and getting it done.

Here’s the thing though…one of the things I love about this group is the accountability we give to each other. Setting goals is great…but how many times have you set a goal for yourself but didn’t tell anyone…then life gets in the way and the dream slowly fades away. Telling others what your goals are…and what you are doing to reach them makes you accountable. Even if you’re telling people you don’t know and might not ever meet. Telling others makes it more real.

You can do it on your own…but why? Why not let your Core Crew cheer you on, help keep you accountable, get you past that hump when you want to quit so you can reach your goal? Busy? I get it…but it only takes a minute! And who knows…maybe you’ll be our next challenge winner and bring home the Top 30 Day Challenger medal! 🙂

Day 19 exercises:

  • Lunge Stance Single Arm Shoulder Press – 3 sets of 10
  • Renegade Rows – 3 sets of 10
  • Arm Raises – Front & Side – 3 sets of 10
  • Plank – 1 minute (2X)
  • Side Planks – :30 each side (2X)
  • 40 Push Ups

Bonus: #FiveMinutePlank Five Minute Plank

Who’s up for some extra planking? You’ve heard Paula and Martin talk about the five minute plank and now it’s time to give it a go. This plank moves around and is not as hard as you think but it is a great whole body workout.

Stretch: Wether or not you are running today…take a few minutes to stretch and loosen up all those tight running muscles. Here’s our 7 Key Stretches for Runners.

I’m looking forward to the Corporate Run 5K here in Jax tonight even though I would rather run a half marathon than a 5k….5Ks are hard! I’m also a little nervous about it being a night race since I never run at night but I’m going to eat well today and hope it’s not too hot at 7pm. Planning on a good 1-2 mile pre-race warm up since mile 3 is when I usually start to feel good. We’ll see…but no matter what I plan on having fun!

Wish I could spend my birthday with all of you but since we can’t all celebrate together I am dedicating this bday race to my Core Crew! I will run hard for you guys!

Wherever you are…go hard for me today too and make it an awesome! 🙂